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About ParentLove Baby Tracking

ParentLove gives parents an easy way to track and share their baby's important activities.

The app tracks everything from daily events (such as feedings, nappies and sleeping), to health (supplements, doctor visits and illness tracking) to baby care (bath time and massage). There is even a 'Milk Bank', to help pumping mums keep track of their frozen milk stores.

All activities can be easily shared, in real-time with everyone caring for the baby, ensuring the whole family stays in sync. The unique and sharable sleep timers allow one parent to start a sleep session while another can stop it which is ideal while taking turns for an uninterrupted and much-deserved rest!

ParentLove's Reminders are not only activity-specific but also highly customisable and sharable. The 'Stats and Trends' section provides interactive charts and graphs to visualise and understand a baby's growth.

ParentLove Baby Tracking Review

What we love about ParentLove

ParentLove is the only baby tracking app created by parents, for parents, with the expertise of a Lactation and Baby Care Specialist.

Each activity has been individually designed based on its unique needs, ensuring a simple and functional experience. However, as the parent uses the app, it will also evolve to their needs and provide user-specific details, features and insights.

The unique and highly customisable reminders give parents an easy way to select when (and how) they receive notifications about upcoming events, all to help establish the baby's routine.

The app supports multiple children, and you can also customise background images.

Is ParentLove easy to use?

ParentLove is easy to use. The layout is clear and straightforward for a fast and easy experience. The main page is an interactive dashboard for quick access to frequent functions, such as recording a new activity, glancing at daily counts and upcoming events, and monitoring trends all to ensure the baby's well-being and gain peace of mind. The full menu is always accessible in the bottom right of the app.

How will parents benefit?

ParentLove enables parents to easily track all of their baby's daily events in one place with the added benefit of being able to share this information easily with other caregivers. It keeps everything organised and also tracks the patterns of these daily activities to ensure the baby's well-being. 

We think ParentLove could improve on:

Nothing! The app comprehensively tracks the baby’s routines and meets its intended purpose.

How much does ParentLove cost?

ParentLove is free to download and you can use many of the app’s functions straight away. There is an option in the Settings to upgrade to 'Pro' where you can pay a one-off fee of £17.99 to access all the helpful features of ParentLove Ad-Free and allow you to keep a lifetime log of your baby's health records and stats. There is also an additional option to allow other family members to access the Pro features for a fee of £34.99. This amount allows 10 users to access the Pro features. 

Is ParentLove safe to use?

Yes. The application does require an account and email to start with, but no other personal data is required. There are no chat features and the app's privacy policy, and terms of service are included in the 'About' section on the app.

Overall rating of the app:

I would highly recommend this app to any new parents who are looking for an organised way to conveniently record their child's daily routine. The app is visually stimulating and can be personalised by the user. The overall impact is very calming and reassuring to parents. 

ParentLove is a hugely beneficial, time-saving way of recording and monitoring babies’ daily activities.

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