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About 2 2 is a snake style mobile game where users compete with other players worldwide. In the game you control blocks on a large map and the main objective is to conquer the most territory by enclosing it within the trail you leave behind. You can capture other players’ territory in the same fashion, but be aware that if they cut off your trail, you’ll have to start off right from the beginning. 2 is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. 2 Review 2 is a really interesting game. But it is very easy for you to be conquered by other AI players. So you must be patient. And even if sometimes you feel that you are always pushed to start all over again, you should not get freaked. Otherwise, there will be no meaning to play this game. And as long as you would like to spend more time to enjoy this game, you will find that the graphics are really amazing. Besides, it is really fun to play together with those AI players on a piece of paper. You will fall in love with this feeling.

Set on a circular stage, your mission in this game is to expand your territory by eliminating your opponents and circling new territory with your cube. Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control the direction in which your player moves, 2 gives up the simple swipe controls (we actually kind of liked) in exchange for a new joystick style control system which gives you more control and freedom over the direction in which your player moves.

If you are disturbed by too many ads, you can just turn off your WiFi. The most amazing thing is that you can start this game anytime. And there is no need for you to do too much preparation. Even if you are alone, you can also find a lot of joy in this game since you can always play with those AI players. You will find that some AI players are really good at this. After you play for several hours, you may learn some useful skills from other AI players, and then you will find that you just open a wholly new world. So while you are playing this game, you should just give yourself some time and do not hurry up. And once you can successfully control 100% of the arena, it will be so good!

Of course, at the beginning, you are just a small moving square which occupies a small piece of territory. And in your own territory, you are totally safe. But when you leave your territory, you will create a trail that draws on the arena. If you can manage to make it back to your territory, which means you will gain control of the territory that you just traversed. If another player touches your trail, you will die, your territory will get lost, and you need to start all over again.

You have total freedom in terms of controlling your square. You can move in any direction if you would like to. And the whole arena is circular. So you can select any character that you have already unlocked, and then start new journey. You keep conquering and covering more territory and trying to take other place until you die. And at the end of each round, you are presented with the opportunity to watch a video in order to get extra life or you can just return to the main screen.

You should know that in this game, you do not compete against humans. Actually, you are dealing with robots. So no matter how many robots you kill, these robots just keep coming. So the difficulty of this game is determined by the number of robots on this paper and how much territory you have covered. Normally, at the beginning of the game, you have 0. 66% of the paper. So it is really hard to expand your territory without bumping into other players. The good news is that the all those robots are task with taking space and they will not only try to conquer you but also to take down other robots.

But you should be aware that in order to make this game more challenging, you will find that the robots in this game are more aggressive towards you and other players once you get out of the safety of your own territory. So as you can see, it will take a very long time to cover the whole arena. So it is wise for you to take conservative actions. And you can try to walk alongside the walls because the edge of the arena is the safest. In this way, you will not be easily surrounded by other robots. Now it is time for you to jump onto this piece of paper to increase your territory and knock out other opponents to make your own record!

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