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This is a teach you Origami application, the application covers 5 kinds of category 184 items of paper folding methods.

Paper folding is an art activity by folding papers to all kinds of shapes, it is more than a child's toy, it is an activity that could benefit health, develop intelligence and thinking.
Though paper folding activity, children could develop their practical ability, also could excecise and develop their brain. The main principle of paper folding is symmetry, it could develop the children's ability of symmetry, paper folding takes patience, it could excecise children's patience as well.
The best known paper folding model is probably the Japanese paper crane. Legend says, anybody will be rewarded to fullfill one of his or her wish as long as he or she made one thousand paper cranes, the wish could be bless old man live longer or the recovery of patient from disease. Paper crane also means peace. It expresses a blessing to people, it could be used for decoration as well.
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