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About Paper

Paper is a wonderful iPad handwriting app. It allows you to capture, connect and communicate in easy and convenient ways. The developers pride themselves on this app being the fastest and easiest way to take notes, sketch diagrams or create checklists. Additionally, you can spotlight details in photos, organize all of those ideas that jumble up in your head and create presentations for work or school. Additionally, you can share these files via PDF, Keynote or Powerpoint presentations. Get your point across precisely, quickly and professionally with this iPad writing app.

Paper by WeTransfer is an app that offers a digital sketchbook full of powerful tools to create beautiful illustrations. Begin with a brief tutorial and get started drawing. There are no buttons, and the emphasis on touch features makes for an intuitive design. Sketches are stored in sketchbooks that sit neatly on a shelf.

Paper Review

Paper 53 is a brilliant app which combines drawings, notes, photos and sketches.  It is available on the App Store.  The app is simple and user-friendly; just use your finger (or a stylus) to draw, paint, select colours, erase and lots more.

Paper enables you to express your creativity, using a wide range of drawing tools. No matter your skill level, this app helps you create stylish pieces. If you’re serious about artwork in your books, then Paper by 53 is an obvious choice for creating beautiful designs to import into Book Creator.

Again, we’ve seen loads of examples across the web of teachers and students doing great things with the Paper app. It works well for artwork, but also for taking notes. And with the release of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, it’s likely this app will remain popular.

What do we like about Paper?

Because of how sensitive and understandable the tools are, Paper by WeTransfer can be used to teach fundamental drawing and painting methods. Your lines will be thicker the more force you use. Use paint layers to achieve darker colour values, and the colour mixer to produce new hues. Draw numerous illustrations, complete your sketchbook, and then begin a new one.

What skills does it improve?

For students, writing on paper is a simple way to express their ideas. Working on visual thinking and sketching is beneficial. This is a fantastic project substitute.

What age is it appropriate for?

Paper is appropriate for students in grades 3-12.

Is Paper free?

Paper is available for free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Paper easy to use?

The application is made to feel and look just like opening a notebook. No buttons or login screens are there to maintain this minimalist design.

How will students benefit?

Students can share a device by adding numerous sketchbooks, but without a multiple-user login, there is nothing to prevent students from viewing other sketchbooks. Give children a touch-friendly, digital notebook substitute that includes a range of drawing tools. This digital notebook can be used by students to keep notes, generate ideas, and hone their artistic abilities. After a quick tutorial, start drawing in your sketchbook. Starting is simple thanks to the intuitive design, and explainers are present at all times.

How will teachers benefit?

Paper by WeTransfer is the answer for teachers who wish to emphasise handwriting abilities while keeping their classrooms digital. When it comes to taking notes, the writing tool is marginally more legible than the drawing tool. Paper is perfect for educators looking to combine the arts and technology in the classroom. The drawing tool works well for outlining concepts.

What can Paper improve on?

Experiencing the app at its fullest with the Pencil stylus is likely cost-prohibitive for most classrooms.

How much does Paper cost?

Paper is available free of cost, including the additional tools like the mixer, colour, write, outline, and sketch, which formerly were in-app purchases. Although all the creating can be done with your finger, there is the option to purchase Paper's aptly named stylus, Pencil at the cost of $99.

Final thoughts

Paper has a lot of potential as a tool for increasing productivity. The application allows students to take notes, create storyboards, and brainstorm ideas. Talk about a powerful combination: Paper's adaptability makes it simple to mix creativity and productivity while leveraging digital technologies.

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