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About Pango Hide & Seek: Fairy Tales

Seek & Find is for young kids up to the age of six to play. Five levels, split into animated scenes, visually tell a different fairy tale each.  Kids search these locations for hidden items practising object matching, fine motor skills, and seeing numbers count down.

The app is available on iOS devices as a feature-limited trial that is fully opened up with a single in-app purchase.

Pango Hide & Seek: Fairy Tales Review

What is Seek & Find app?

Seek & Find is a fun app that takes classic fairy tales as its inspiration and then presents scenes from them. Within these scenes are many hidden items that the app tasks kids with finding and animated interludes relate the tale and link the interactive scenes.

What we love about Seek & Find. 

The fairy tales in Seek & Find evolve with animated interludes which do an excellent job of capturing the essence of the story without words. Each screen is wonderfully detailed, with a backdrop that suits the current story well and items that fit the location. Characterful vocalisations bring the characters to life, and sound effects make everything seem real.

Seek & Find provides a much better search activity than expected. Other apps that have used a tap-to-find interaction have taken a much simpler approach. In this app, items are hidden inside others, behind doors, on the other side of windows, under rugs and more.  

Even those articles the player doesn't need to collect are animated. The animations fit the objects with doors opening, logs rolling, and trees shedding their leaves. There's superb attention to detail that makes each scene appear like a mini world of its own.

What age is it appropriate for?

The activity, stories, and theme of the app will suit kids between the ages of three and six. The app is ideal for either independent or shared play with parents.

What skills does it improve?

Seek & Find helps kids to develop observation and object-matching skills as they search for items. When they find the hidden pieces, they are deducted from the totals, helping children build a concept of numbers as they play. It will also aid the development of motor control as kids tap the small objects on the screen.

Is Seek & Find easy to use?

Kids who are able to use a mobile device in any way will find Seek & Find a breeze to use. The navigation to the different stories and screens is a visual process that does not rely on literacy. The main activity is easy to understand and only needs the players to tap the screen.

How will students benefit?

The vibrant graphics and lively sounds within Seek & Find are very appealing for children. Once they see how easy the app is to play and experience the animated responses, they'll love seeing popular fairy tales from a new perspective. 

How will teachers benefit?

Seek & Find is a fun app to have in a classroom for early learners. Teachers can pass it to kids without worrying whether the child will be able to use it.

It will be helpful as a reward activity or a calming exercise. Teachers helping kids with communication problems can also use it as a focus for talking.

Some fun printable resources linked to this app and others by the same developer are available from the app's website. It is always good when an app's website is more than just a marketing tool.

How will parents benefit?

This app would make a great accompaniment for kids to play after hearing a related fairy story. Parents could share the tale either from a book or an eBook app and then play Seek & Find together as they discuss the events they remember.

Alternatively, for kids who are reluctant to engage with books, playing this app could be a reward related to the story they have just heard or shared reading.

What can Seek & Find improve on?

The app contains links to other apps by the developer. While this is not a problem, putting it outside the parental lock could be seen as an attempt to get kids to use pester-power to get new apps. It is always better for kids apps to let kids focus on what they have rather than distract them with what they don't. 

How much does Seek & Find cost?

Seek & Find is free to download with a limited number of scenes for children to explore.  

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

A single in-app purchase unlocks all five of the currently available fairy tales.

Is Seek & Find safe to use?

Seek & Find has an unambiguous privacy policy broken down into clear sections. It has a detailed breakdown of its approach to privacy and the nature and use of any data it collects.

In line with the privacy policy's statements, no third-party advertisements or requests for personal data are made in the app. All of the content seen during this review of Seek & Find was suitable for kids of all ages.

Overall rating of the app.

Seek & Find is great fun and its contents, while leaving you wanting more, is fair for the price you pay. Kids will enjoy replaying the levels as the animations make them so endearing. It is a great app to have as a companion to a good fairy tale book, and it is easy for you to find out for yourself by trying out the free download.

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