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Rating Paint6 - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+
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About Paint6

Paint6 is a puzzle app where players must colour in grids with predefined shapes similar to Tetris blocks but generally made of more units. It has various difficulty levels and gameplay that encourages kids to think.

Paint6 is entirely free on iOS and Android and has no in-app purchases. The app displays advertisements that players view to earn hints to complete the levels. The app's content is suitable for kids, but behavioural advertising may make it unsuitable for kids under 13.

Paint6 Review

What is Paint6 app?

Players of Paint6 choose a difficulty setting based on a grid size between 6×6 and 10×10. Each level shows an uncoloured grid which players swipe to fill, using the limited block patterns shown on the screen. Each block-style pattern has a fixed number of uses the player needs to observe to complete the levels.

If players are stuck, they can tap a hint button that flashes up a part solution. The game starts with fifteen hints which, if exhausted, players can renew by watching a video-based advertisement.

The app plays very well on phone-sized devices as well as larger screens.

What we love about Paint6 app.

Paint6 is simply presented but very attractive. It shows its puzzles as a 2D challenge with subtle animations but uses 3D to embellish them as a player reward on a level's completion.

The puzzles are good thinking exercises as, once you've learned the available shapes, the easy interactions of the app let you concentrate on finding the solution.

What skills does it teach?

Puzzles and other apps which encourage kids to think and persevere help them to develop a healthy approach to challenges. Paint6 is a puzzle game, so it does not teach curriculum-linked skills or knowledge but offers this potential boost to thinking skills and a non-violent alternative to other app-based games.

What age is it appropriate for?

The gameplay in Paint6 is suitable for elementary/primary-aged kids and above, but the presence of targeted advertisements in the app may make it unsuitable for kids under 13.

Is Paint6 app easy to use?

New players will find it very easy to begin playing Paint6. The app offers a clear tutorial, but even without this, the game's purpose is easy to understand. All of the app's options are available from the home page, and entering answers is done with a simple swipe.

The most challenging concept in this game is that the shapes available are not ones commonly found in other block-based games. They aren't the Tetris shapes or pentominoes. Had the app used those, players would already have the forms in their heads, and the solutions would come from arranging them correctly. At least for a while, in Paint6, players will need to keep referring to the on-screen options to remember the available shapes.

How will students benefit?

An increasing grid size gives a choice of difficulty levels. We liked that players don't have to unlock them in order, so they can find the starting level they feel best suits the challenge they want.

The games are quick to start, and players can dip in and out of the app for short sessions. This will make it an entertaining distraction for kids to have on their devices

How will parents benefit?

Many games on kids device's feature violence or fast-reaction gameplay. These can be over-stimulating for kids in some situations, so an alternative play style, like that in Paint6 is good to have.

Paint6 is also an age-neutral app. Its graphics are attractive for any age, and its gameplay is easily understandable. Parents and kids could share the challenge or compete against each other to complete the different levels.

This won't be a chore for parents as the game is entertaining and, as it is free, won't cost anything to check out.

How will teachers benefit?

Paint6  is a relaxing game. With no time limit or lives to be lost, players can concentrate on solving and retrying the puzzles. If teachers can accept the existence of advertisements in the app, it could provide a helpful calming activity between active sports lessons and indoor subjects.

What can Paint6 app improve on?

Ads are never ideal in an app played by kids, but they can, as in this case, make the app free to play. We prefer the ads not to be tied to hints, though.

Hints undermine the challenge of the puzzles and their effect in increasing kids' perseverance with challenges. The constant presence of a hint button tempts kids to use them, and when they've used up the hints, they need to watch a video ad to earn five more. Linked with ads, some kids will use the earning of hints to trade their attention for success in the game.

There is not an in-app purchase option to remove the advertisements, but ideally, there would be to open the app up for more kids to play. The game is good enough to merit a low-priced in-app purchase, so schools or parents can feel happier about their kids playing it.

How much does Paint6 app cost?

Advertisements have their issues in apps for kids, but the advantage is that they make the app free on iOS and Android. 

Is Paint6 app safe to use?

As is typical for many ad-supported apps, Paint 6 asks if you will allow the app to track you across other apps and websites. There are different reasons developers might use this, but for advertising, it is to show behavioural or targeted ads. Such ads track what users have viewed elsewhere and show ads based on this behaviour.

Some regions do not permit this. For example, the USA's COPPA legislation does not allow behavioural ads for under 13s.

Overall rating of the app.

Paint6 is a fun challenge that adults and kids can enjoy. You can download it and think about its puzzles in just a few minutes without spending time learning the rules.

Its advertisements are the main obstacle to recommending the app for kids, but as they make the app free, we recommend that parents and teachers give it a go for themselves and see what they think.

App Details



Android, iPad, iPhone




Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


Beetlegames corp

Download Paint6

You can download Paint6 on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Paint6 app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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