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From the Developer

A wonderful drawing program for all ages to free your imagination and inner artist. Simple, neat while full of possibility.

With Paint Joy, you have full control of brush style, color, brush size, background color etc.

Paint Joy has more than 20 beautiful brushes, such as glow neon, glow, crayon, chalk, sketch etc. You can draw on a color canvas, or decorate any of your photos to make them more beautiful.

The app supports built-in gallery, which saves not only your drawing pictures, but also the drawing animation. You can play back your masterpieces like a small film anytime you want with the "Movie" feature in app.


  • more than 20 brushes
  • doodle on canvas or photo
  • intuitive brush picker and color picker
  • pinch to zoom in and zoom out
  • gallery saves both drawing pictures and drawing animation
  • "movie" mode to replay drawing like a small film
  • share drawing to facebook, tumblr, e-mail, twitter, etc.

The video clip is made by Daily Finger with Paint Joy.

The Daily Finger is a side project by character designer / artist Weirdink , exploring character design and illustration created on the go. The tools are a smartphone, "Doodle Joy" and his trusty old finger!

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