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About Paint By Numbers Creator Pro

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro takes photographs you capture with your device and converts them into a line-based image with a colour key and numbered zones. You can then colour this image on the screen or print it out for a more traditional artistic experience. 

The app is available on iOS and Android for a single purchase price with no further in-app purchases. A non-pro version is available with limited functionality and advertisements. 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro Review

What is Paint By Numbers Creator Pro app? 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro takes any image you choose on your device and converts it into a colouring activity. The black and white output has enclosed regions with numbers related to a generated key that tells you which colours you should paint each area. 

You can fill these regions by choosing colours in the app and tapping them. Most users will want to print out the generated sheet for a more traditional art activity. 

A free version of this app restricts the number of colours that can be applied to the generated image and is ad-supported. This review is of Paint By Numbers Creator Pro, the fully-featured app available for a single purchase price. 

What we love about Paint By Numbers Creator Pro. 

Typical colouring-book apps use their included artwork, but Paint By Numbers Creator Pro lets users create as much personalised content as they like. It is also good to see an app that provides a way for kids to produce activities that they can enjoy away from their devices. 

What skills does it improve? 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro is an app for kids to exercise their creative skills. They can follow its generated colour palette or inject their choice of colours into the printed artwork.

Teachers can use the app in art lessons as a link to a variety of topics. Colouring is also a good way of helping young kids develop pen control. Personalised images will appeal to kids whether they are pictures of favourite cartoon characters or themselves and family members. 

What age is it appropriate for? 

Paint by numbers is an activity for kids and adults of any age. The app is simple to use, so young kids can easily generate images, or their parents could do it for them. 

Is Paint By Numbers Creator Pro easy to use? 

Generating images and setting your preferences is straightforward, with intuitive and understandable choices. The easiest, albeit limited, way to work with the generated images is on the device but printing out is easy too—especially if you have your device set up to print over your Wi-Fi network. 

How will students benefit? 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro gives kids an endless selection of images to colour, and they can be of whatever subjects they decide. They can convert family, pets, toys and more into colouring images. 

How will teachers benefit? 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro is an easy way for teachers to link art lessons with other subjects. They can take a picture related to a history topic, such as a photograph or oil painting of an event, and convert it into a paint by numbers sheet. The art lesson might then cover the use of different media to provide the colours such as pastels, watercolours, etc. Alternatively, it could look at how colour palletes impact the mood and feel of artworks as kids recolour the image with warmer, cooler, darker, or lighter palettes. They might even turn the artwork into a surreal multicolour painting. 

Such lessons would require little preparation by teachers— just gathering the media and printing out the generated sheets. 

How will parents benefit? 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro has an almost limitless lifespan for kids of any age, making the one-off purchase price excellent value. Even adults enjoy painting by numbers, so kids of any age can still enjoy generating paint-by-numbers sheets for relaxing creative pursuits. 

What can Paint By Numbers Creator Pro improve on? 

With more complex images, the output can be a little cramped as details overlap. Some options to mitigate this would be helpful, although it would add to the app's complexity, introducing new problems in an app with a gentle learning curve. 

Painting within the app does not feel very 'involved', and you should think of the printouts as the main attraction of Paint By Numbers Creator Pro. On the screen, you select the colour within the key and then tap a region containing that number. All of the zones of that colour become filled, and you move on.

Being able to change the colours to user-defined ones and allowing the user to paint them manually (even better with a stylus) would make it a more interesting activity. 

How much does Paint By Numbers Creator Pro cost? 

There is a free version of Paint By Numbers Creator (the non-pro version). This trial version has some limitations, including a maximum of 8 colours, and it also displays advertisements. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid? 

The purchase price of Paint By Numbers Creator Pro is very reasonable, and there are no other costs to pay. Once you get the pro version, there are no limitations in the app. The iOS version has a lower price than the Android version. 

Is Paint By Numbers Creator Pro safe to use? 

There are no advertisements in Paint By Numbers Creator Pro, although there are in the free, non-pro version. 

Tests during this review showed that Paint By Numbers Creator Pro could generate its images without an internet connection suggesting that they are not processed off the device. However, the app does not state this explicitly anywhere. Teachers and parents should use their judgement about which images they are prepared to use and how that fits in with their privacy preferences and school policies. 

There is nothing in the app unsuitable for kids. All images are user-created, so it only outputs what you choose. 

Overall rating of the app. 

Paint By Numbers Creator Pro's image conversion is impressive. Its in-app colouring tools are underwhelming, but it could still be a creative and entertaining tool for kids to use for fun and education if you print out the images. Trying out the free version will confirm whether this app is what you want as it gives an excellent overview of the app's capabilities. Download it and see how you look when painted by numbers.

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