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About Paint by Maths

An alternative approach to mathematics learning.  This app allows children to colour answers based on the question asked - bit-by-bit painting a picture.  With a variety of pictures on offer, each representing a different skill, this app aims to engage children and practice maths without them feeling like they are practicing.  A simple timer extends the scope of the app, allowing children to repaint the image, hopefully completing it quicker than previously!  

Paint by Maths Review

An alternative approach to mathematics learning by painting pictures with number facts.  This app contains simple but effective graphics and allows the ability to work under timed conditions.

Upon opening the app, children are presented with a simple pop up instruction box explaining that they need to tap the colour of the question and then tap the correct answers in the pictures.  From here, they are given 18 different pictures to choose from, each associated with a different mathematical skill. 

Each time a picture is selected, the app draws the image, taking a few seconds.  Children are then presented with a picture that takes up most of the page, and is filled with numbers.  At the bottom of the page, the questions are displayed and just above these sits a timer, which continues until the child has correctly coloured the picture.  The aim is simple: colour the pictures by matching the answers to the correct question.  A correct response fills the section with the chosen colour, while an incorrect answer plays an incorrect sound.  This is vital to children’s learning as forcing a correct answer prevents misconceptions occurring.  Each picture has a different skill for children to practice, these include identifying the value of a number; whether it is odd or even; whether it is in the two or five times tables; number bonds to 10 and 20; simple addition and subtraction; etc.  At this point, it would also be nice to see an overview of which skills are associated with which picture – perhaps this could be included within the settings area. 

At the end of the game, the total time taken is displayed and children are asked whether they want to reset the game and try to beat their current time or whether they want to continue to the next game.  Returning to the homepage, if children select a picture they have already completed, they are asked whether they want to view, dismiss, or try the picture again.

The app is clearly fun - children will enjoy painting each section.  In terms of the learning associated with the game, children are guided to correct answers through a variety of means.  A sound for incorrect answer is the start, but the process of elimination is second.  As pieces of the puzzle are coloured in, uncoloured pieces normally represent facts that children either do not know or are unable to recall at speed.  This therefore helps directs their learning, allowing them to focus on the skills they need.  Looking to the future, the developers might also want to consider designing generic pictures, allowing any skill to be associated with any picture.  This way, children would be able to select the skill they wish to practice alongside the picture they want to colour.  This would allow children or parents to tailor the child’s learning and focus on skills they need to practice rather than generically working through set skills.  Thus, at the heart of the app would remain the child’s learning rather than game play.

Overall, an alternative approach to mathematics that engages children and develops their mathematics.  Worth of its four star rating.

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