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About PaGamO

Children respond well to apps that appear to have paid attention to entertainment as well as to education. Pagamo takes its cues from popular games to inspire children to learn.

PaGamO Review

Pagamo has an established web-based service that lets children complete homework and learn in a game-like environment.  Children build up an on-screen empire by completing missions that are learning activities that can be allocated by teachers.  This experience is available on mobile devices now with the release of its apps.  

The app is, at its heart, a quizzing experience.  It has an excellent coverage of maths with some further coverage of English and general knowledge.  Questions are asked and answered using variations on multiple choices and fill in the blanks exercises. Sometimes they use diagrams sometimes they are purely word-based.  After answering a question further information can be requested.

Sometimes the explanations are good, sometimes absent.  Occasionally they add further explanation or facts, sometimes they just repeat the answer and other times they strangely tell you that the publisher has decided not to include a further explanation.

There are more than a few glitches with the user interface.  Some sentences appear to have been truncated by their graphical containers and they end mid flow.  Multiple-choice questions don't have any indication that options beyond the ones on screen exist and can be scrolled to.  

Worse glitches occur when previous screens are not fully cleared and old elements remain to overlay the new screen.  These clear themselves when new screens are navigated to but they are very problematic while they remain.  An occasional but still too frequent, "oops something has gone wrong screen" also pops up and forces a question to be re-entered.

Fill in the blank questions are also problematic.  The built-in keyboard defaults to always capitalising the first letter but the answer is usually case sensitive.  It seems a bit harsh to penalise one-word answers, typed in isolation, for starting with a capital letter that the app itself sets up.   

The app's sound and visuals are very attractive and certainly add a game-like feel to the experience of being quizzed on different topics.  There is a coherent look to the design and it uses popular styles of graphics for the environment and characters.  You can definitely see that children will prefer using this app to answering questions on a worksheet.   

Land is captured and trained, items are collected and used to boost accomplishments, performance can be compared to that of other users.  It takes these aspects from popular games and turns them into motivations for learning.

The Pagamo service as a whole appears to be a popular one based on its web service.  Its apps, unfortunately, don't yet offer an experience that can be recommended but its glitches are certainly solvable and, if they are, the activities underneath should be able to shine.  It is a free to download app with plenty of material so if you are still tempted by this app, you have nothing to lose in checking it out.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Academic Relevance


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