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About Pacca Alpaca - Travel Playtime

More than fifty geographically themed activities engage young children in developing their skills in this colourful and fun universal app.  The activities are varied, easy to understand and designed to be attractive to early learners.

Pacca Alpaca - Travel Playtime Review

This delightful app is aimed at two to six-year olds but is probably going to be most at home with the younger ages.  Pacca Alpaca is the blue and purple four-legged friend that will guide and entertain children through the many different geographically themed activities accessible from his carousel. 

Children may have met Pacca in a previous app.  In this one, children gain geographical awareness while playing skill building games.  With its theme, it would be an ideal app to accompany children on long journeys, but as an app at home on both phones and tablets it can be useful at any time to provide constructive entertainment.

Children will be exposed to the landmarks, music and flags of twenty-three different countries as they play through the app expanding their cultural knowledge and language as they do so.  Navigation through the app is perfectly easy for young children to understand.  Each activity is accessible through a constantly revolving carousel.  Children can pick an activity as it passes or give it a flick to speed on to another activity.

Each of the options has a picture offering some idea of what the mini-game will look like.  They also have a small icon in the corner making it clear what the children can do in the app.  This is really useful as a child may, for example, complete a jigsaw and want to try another.  This lets them easily find the exact style of task that they want. 

As well as jigsaws there are dot-to-dot puzzles, spot the difference, drawing and stickers, I Spy and hide and seek.  They are simple tasks, as befits their target users, and completely intuitive in their use.  Children won’t be sitting there wondering what to do at any point in this app.  Elements that are dragged and dropped position themselves intelligently ensuring that young children are not struggling with pixel perfect placement.  Other interactions are similarly forgiving to prevent frustration and irritation, allowing the learning to go on. 

With so many of these little games included in the app, neither will your child feel that they have quickly exhausted the app.  They are all there right from the outset with no in-app purchases necessary and no distracting advertisements either.

Presentation in the app is superb.  Stylistically consistent, well-drawn and animated with amusing and friendly sound effects, Pacca Alpaca the app will charm and entertain children throughout their time on it.  Pacca the Alpaca, your cartoon guide through the app, makes an amusing and enticing virtual friend that children will love.

The learning that this app provides is not always directly related to a specific curriculum, but it does provide educational development.  The tasks allow creativity, problem solving and develop children’s awareness of the world around them.  For a good value and well-made app with longevity, parents should definitely give their children a chance to get to know Pacca the Alpaca.

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Creative Development


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