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About Otsimo | Speech Therapy SLP

Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP is a voice-controlled, peer modeling-centered speech and language therapy app designed for children with speech delay or impediments.

Developed with advanced speech-recognition technology under the guidance of speech therapy specialists and child psychologists, the app aims to improve children’s speech and language skills at home. The vast content library consists of content and exercises on pronunciation and articulation of words and phrases under many subjects.

Otsimo | Speech Therapy SLP Review

What is Otsimo Speech Therapy?

Otsimo Speech Therapy is a voice-controlled and video modelling-based language and speech therapy app.

Otsimo have created a really fun and engaging app to aid language development in children with no verbal autism, speech delays, articulation difficulties and aphasia.

Articulation (pronunciation and talking) is the ability to physically move the tongue, lips, teeth and jaw to produce sequences of speech sounds, which make up words and sentences. This app supports the motor movement of these features to support speech production.

Otsimo Speech Therapy also gives the opportunity to develop the key building blocks to articulation; • Attention and concentration • Hearing: For detection of speech sounds • Good middle ear functioning most of the time (e.g. a child with on-going ear infections, ‘glue ear’ or colds which block the ears may have fluctuating hearing levels which can affect speech) • Process speech sounds, identify and hear differences between sounds. • Muscle coordination: The ability to move and coordinate the muscles involved in producing sounds (e.g. diaphragm, lips, tongue, vocal cords, jaw and palate) • Understanding that sounds convey meaning. Simple to use and offering a wide range of activities, Otsimo-Speech Therapy uses video modelling of a variety of vocalizations to support speech therapy.

When downloading for the first time you can sign in using other platforms such as Google. Similarly to Speech Blubs, you are presented with a short screening questionnaire. Different areas are covered such as developmental level of speech, hearing and social interaction capabilities. Despite this being short and not a standardized screening, it is comprehensive enough to gain a good understanding of the child you are working with. Upon completion of the screening section, you are provided with a report that recommends activities in the app to start with. Recommendations are also given for face-to-face clinical advice, which is reassuring. Our school Speech & Language therapists felt that the screening tool was an excellent and a vital feature.

Within the app you are presented with seven activity areas; Imitating Sounds, Basic Shapes, Family Forever, Body Parts, Safari Club, Count with Me and Rainbow Splash. Each activity area contains various options of children articulating sounds and words.

The aim of the user is to copy the pronunciation by mirroring/mimicking the child in the video. Your device microphone needs to be enabled which records the sounds/words you make. The voice recognition software is second to none when compared with many of the other apps I have reviewed. A sound bar on the screen shows your progress as you repeat the sounds and words. This is a really intuitive feature and once completed you are provided with a fun face filter. Stickers are collected throughout the game play to motivate the young users. The children articulating the sounds are engaging with appropriate pace and tone. The variety of sound articulations provides extensive exercises that will really support language development.

Otsimo-Speech Therapy is an easy to use and intuitive application that is great for both small groups and 1-1 sessions. For what it can offer, the pricing plans and subscription are excellent value for money with monthly and annual options. For teachers using the app with children in their class with complex communication needs, it is always recommended that they seek the support and advice of the child’s Speech & Language Therapist. However Otsimo has been developed by experts who have created an excellent app that is a must for any classroom with children with language difficulties. Whilst trialling Otsimo at our school, An ASD school with a variety of language needs, we found that the children were highly motivated and engaged while using. We look forward to the results Otsimo-Speech Therapy will bring and I would highly recommend for all teachers supporting children with language delay.

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