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  • Android, iPad
  • Paid
  • age 12+

About Osmos

OSMOS is a gorgeous, Zen-like puzzle game in which players control an orb floating through space, absorbing smaller orbs to become bigger while avoiding being absorbed by larger orbs.

Teacher Review

Osmos has two primary ways to play: Odyssey and Arcade mode. Odyssey starts you off learning how to play the game, and then serves as a level progression based game that continues to introduce new elements and new level types to you. 
Arcade mode gives you series of levels to play in the particular game types introduced in Odyssey mode, and these levels are randomly generated, with the ability to generate a new level if one particular layout is giving you trouble. 
Parents can talk about Newton's laws of motion: Objects stay at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an outside force; the mass of an object and the force used to move it determine how it accelerates; and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
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Android, iPad



Critical Thinking


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Hemisphere Games

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Enter the Darwinian world of a galactic mote. To survive, absorb smaller organisms and grow—but beware of larger predators. Osmos features unique physics-based play, stellar graphics, and a hypnotic ambient soundtrack. Absorb or be absorbed!

you must grow by absorbing smaller motes, but to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. From this delicate balance, Osmos leads the player through floating playgrounds, competitive petri dishes, deep solar systems, and more.

Osmos is a fantastic game. A combination of physics, survival and classic eat em up. Whether you're a child at heart who likes mucking about with single-cell organisms, or a strategist with a physics degree, this game will appeal to everyone.


  • New: Multiplayer! (more info below.)
  • 72 levels spanning 8 distinct worlds: Ambient, Antimatter, Solar, Sentient, Repulsor, Impasse, Warped Chaos, and Epicycles.
  • Full Retina support.
  • Award-winning electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas, High Skies, Biosphere, Julien Neto, and more.
  • Seamlesss multitouch controls: swipe to warp time, tap anywhere to eject mass, pinch to zoom…
  • Endless replay value: play random versions of any level in Arcade mode.
  • Time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuver agile opponents; speed it up to raise the challenge.
  • Confront four distinct AI opponents: the Ovarium, the Biophobe, the Nemocyte… and the deadly Ferax.
  • Earn 13 single-player and 15 multiplayer achievements, with Game Center integration.
  • Progress synced via iCloud.


  • Play against your friends and enemies, locally (via wi-fi or Bluetooth), or over the Internet!
  • 6 distinct Arenas: Ambient, Impasse, Solar, Warped Chaos, Epicycles, and introducing… Antimatter Impasse.
  • iPad vs. iPhone play supported.
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