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★★★★★Shingu Origami Classroom★★★★★ 
★★★★★90 origami in this app,and online video★★★★★ 
Children's Day is coming. In order to give the children the best gifts, we choose to release this Origami Collection at this time. 

Until now, we have already published 5 origami apps. They have all received great popularity in the appstore with very big download figures. The Origami Collection contains all the origamis in the previous five apps and we add some more so it has 90 origamis in total. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Do you cherish the memory of how to make interesting origamis? Or maybe years later, when you have kids, you want to teach your child as what your teacher do to you. How time flies! Our memory of origami receded. But here Origami Classroom can let you regain the happiness. And also you can teach your kids to make beautiful origami through it. Join in it and enjoy the happiness. All the courses taken in Origami Classroom are designed and authorized by Master Fumiaki Shingu. Now join in it and enjoy it.
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