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Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Quizillator

About Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Quizillator

The Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Quizillator has been designed to help you master organic chemistry by practicing the identification, naming and recognition of organic molecules and their functional groups according to the IUPAC guidelines.


The free version of the Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Quizillator features a 20 question preview of the quizzes.

Additionally, while it includes a fully featured glossary, it is not cross-referenced with the rest of the application.

The free version is ad-supported.


1. Question Bank and Glossary Cross-Reference Upgrade: 210 questions, designed for first year college/university, vetted by PhD graduates. Glossary terms are highlighted in the reference material, quiz questions and answer feedback. Tapping a term displays its definition inline. Ads are removed.

FULL VERSION (free version plus in app purchase)

1. Reference page.

- Synopsis with the names and general structures of the most common functional groups.

2. Background page with additional organic chemistry nomenclature information.

- Outline of the IUPAC guidelines for naming organic compounds.
- Illustrative example.
- IUPAC prefixes and suffixes for the functional groups.

3. Quiz engine (with upgrade).

- Two quiz categories (Functional group recognition and IUPAC nomenclature)
- Two difficulty levels for IUPAC nomenclature (Easy and Advanced).
- Review quiz with randomized questions from both categories and levels.
- 5, 10 or 20 questions per quiz which will accommodate the users' time availability.
- Answer formats include multiple choice, short answer and multiple answer.
- Feedback for each answer which helps students memorize and understand the concepts.
- Review of the quiz score which allows students to highlight weak points
- Questions vetted by PhD graduates in chemistry, biochemistry and structural biology
- Questions and exams are tailored to be similar to those typical of exams one might expect in high school or first year university/college courses.

4. Glossary (with upgrade).

- Definitions of scientific terms utilized throughout the application, which provides additional knowledge
and encourages familiarity with scientific terms.
- Terms are highlighted and cross-referenced throughout the application and can be displayed by tapping
on the word.
- Pronunciation and syllable partitions for each term.

If you find any typos or mistakes which have eluded our reviewers, please go to our website to report the problem. We will issue an update as soon as possible! Thanks.

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