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Have fun learning how your solar system works. You have full control over the sun and the planets. Change the behavior of the planets by modifying their mass, radius, or image. Increase the Sun's mass enough and a planet is sucked in, burned up, never to return. Be master of your own universe by adding new planets and experimenting with changes and possible catastrophes. Zoom in to see the orbit in more detail. Zoom out to see more planets including Jupiter. Turn on tracing and see the full orbits. Speed up or slow down the time factor to create interesting and entertaining designs. This is all made possible by using a custom physics engine developed over two years to accurately simulate the delicate movements of the planets. Newtons Laws will greatly increase your understanding of the play between mass, momentum, and the gravitational pull of the Sun. Compatible with IOS4, and supports multitasking. Answer a phone call, then return to the simulation in progress. Engaging and educational on the iPhone. This app uses Apples new iAd's which allows us to provide the app at a lower cost to you. Or purchase the add-free version, Orbits HD

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