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About Onoco - Shareable Baby tracker

Onoco combines the features of other single-purpose baby-tracking apps into one package. Tracking, monitoring, and recording your baby’s daily routine and long-term development is easy in Onoco, and up to five caregivers can share the app’s services to ensure continuity of care and record-keeping.

Onoco has useful functions available in its free app, but it becomes especially useful when you subscribe to its premium services. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Onoco - Shareable Baby tracker Review

What is Onoco app?

Onoco is an organisation, planning, and tracking app for your baby’s daily life, routine, and development. Its tools are more family-friendly than general organisational tools and combine the features of separate baby-tracking apps into a single, convenient app.

Parents of babies will use the app to monitor developmental milestones, record daily events, coordinate between caregivers, and ensure their baby’s routine supports happiness and health.

You can download Onoco for free, and it will provide you with a very usable and valuable toolset. However, a subscription unlocks further features, and it is this premium version of Onoco that is the subject of this review.      

What we love about Onoco app.

There are many organisational apps available on mobile devices, including the ones that come with them. These general-purpose apps are perfectly usable in daily life, but a dedicated app can’t be beaten for highly specialised roles with exacting demands—like being the parent of a baby!

Onoco doesn’t require you to find workarounds to make it work with your parental role. It succeeds in treading a fine line between providing ready-to-use tools and allowing you the flexibility to fulfil your parental role in your way.

If you fully commit to using Onoco you won’t have to worry so much about childcare. Not only can you effortlessly pass on all relevant details to caregivers and let them continue entering events, but there is an emergency protocol feature in the app.

Rather than worry each time somebody else looks after your baby, you can define the emergency protocol once and know it is in the hands of the responsible person. The emergency protocol covers crucial details like contact numbers, allergies, and local hospitals. 

Data can yield important insights that are easy to miss. This is true in baby care too. Diligent users of the app will have a growing dataset about their child’s development. Should any aspect go against an expected trend, you can check with healthcare professionals if there is any need for concern.

What features does it have?

Onoco’s premium version provides parenting advice and tracks developmental milestones for your child, but it is a tool rather than an educational app. 

The app’s features can be broken down into groups:

Tracking and recording

Monitor daily activities like sleep times, feedings and toileting

Monitor developmental milestones, including physical and educational


Define and monitor your child’s daily routine

Calendar tools for planning

Share selected data and routines with up to five other caregivers such as childminders or grandparents.


Securely share photos and comments about your child with other family members

These feature descriptions are broad, and they offer many practical options in use.

What age is it appropriate for?

Parents are the target users of Onoco, but its tools and tracking features are designed to match the development of children from birth to the age of five.

Is Onoco app easy to use?

Onoco’s purpose is to give parents easy to use tools for supporting them as they raise their young children. It is easy and intuitive to use, and the app’s sections are logical and quick to access.

How will parents benefit?

Our memories fade, and our plans unravel at the best of times. When busy and under stress, this can be even worse, which is why baby tracking and monitoring apps have become popular. 

Parents benefit from Onoco because it brings useful tools from other baby-tracking apps and combines them into a single package. Together, these mean that parents don’t have to rely on tired brains to remember baby-related tasks, and other caregivers know about them without being told.

It is a superb short-term app for managing the day-to-day needs of babies but also an excellent record of a baby’s first five years.

The photo-sharing and comment features enhance the app — perfect for social-media wary parents to share their child’s first years in a private and controlled manner.

How will teachers benefit?

Onoco tracks the development of babies according to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework. The EYFS is a UK-defined structure, but the components are not likely to differ too much from any region’s interpretation of children’s development. 

The use of the EYFS lets parents understand how their child is developing in line with this framework which will help if any developmental difficulties are noticed. 

Over time, it can be difficult for parents to remember when it was children reached developmental markers. Tracking them in the app can help educational professionals diagnose and support any issues later noticed.        

What can Onoco app improve on?

A notes box on the emergency protocol section would allow for any details necessary to one child but not common enough for a dedicated field. 

How much does Onoco app cost?

Onoco is free to download and is remarkably fully-featured without upgrading to the premium version.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Should you like the Onoco experience, a premium subscription unlocks some extra features, including an organiser for your daily routines, a family calendar with more features and flexibility than the free one, and daily parenting tips. Soon there will be even more reasons to upgrade with enhanced export options and a smart nap assistant due to be added to the app soon. At the time of this review of Onoco, they were unavailable to test.

A yearly subscription provides a healthy discount over the monthly option.

Is Onoco app safe to use?

Only adults will use the Onoco app, so the key safety feature to consider is the app’s data handling. 

The app asks for your child’s name and date of birth. In the case of most apps we review, we would consider the requirement for an exact date of birth as too much detail. However, for an app dealing with children from birth, the time span is so short that this level of accuracy is justifiable.

The app has a detailed privacy policy that describes the app’s use of data. The app promises that you determine who sees it.

Overall rating of the app.

Onoco’s careful design and clear understanding of babies’ development and parents’ needs have resulted in a highly usable and valuable app for new parents. Parents can and have got by without apps like this, but if they’d tried Onoco, they probably would have given it a place on their phones.

Onoco is a five-star app that we encourage parents (or soon-to-be) to download and try.

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