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About ONLYOFFICE Documents

ONLYOFFICE by Ascensio Systems is a complete school and business based cloud and on-site document management system. The application is available over a number of platforms and comes in a range of free and subscribed packages. This cloud service is compatible with MS Office formats and comes in at an affordable subscription price compared to others. The application if free from in app adverts and is available in a number of different languages.

Teacher Review

Cloud solutions for Free

Schools can use our cloud absolutely free of charge and students can use the free cloud as well for individuals -

All their cloud solutions are GDPR compliant -

The mobile application supports the online platform system well and has a clean, fresh interface. The user is required to sign up for the 30-day trial at the initial stage although educational and business institutes can take advantage of the free community edition that supports a maximum of 20 connections.

The cloud version is priced on a monthly, annual or three-year price plan at (£57), (£414), (£920) respectively. There are also three server based options: Enterprise Edition starting at (£690), Integration Edition at (£575) and the Developer Edition at (£919). There is also a number of other price points for the storage plan which has options at 8GB, 20GB, 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 200GB. Prices accordingly to September 2018 exchange rate.

Educational customers have limited access to free cloud licenses and discounts for on-site solutions. For the purpose of this review we will access the application as an educational user. Once the user has signed up to the on-line platform and downloaded the application they can gain access to document cloud storage, online editors, mail, calendar, contacts and chat. Once the application has been opened the user is introduced to a number of beautifully designed splash screens that highlight the applications features. The user will need to create an online Cloud portal to access all the features within the application which is very easy to do.

The interface operates in both portrait and landscape mode and has a number of options displayed. These include:

‘On Device’ Icon (Left hand side) – Access to documents currently stored on the device.

‘My Documents’ Icon (Left hand side) – Access to documents within the cloud service belonging to the current user. These documents can be downloaded, edited and shared with others.

‘Shared with Me’ Icon (left hand side) – Access to documents shared by others via group memberships.

‘Common Documents’ Icon (left hand side) – Access to common documents where they can be edited collaboratively.

‘Project Documents’ Icon (left hand side) – Access to OnlyOffice project documents.

‘Trash’ Icon (left hand side) – Access to items that have been deleted.

‘Settings’ Icon (Bottom left) – Access to personal security and storage solutions.

‘Edit’ Icon (Top right) – Access to Edit documents within the list.

‘Sort’ Icon (Top right) – Access to Sort documents within the list accordingly.

‘Plus’ Icon (Top right) – Access to Add a new document of file.

New users might like to start by creating groups or users which can be added via Gmail or contacts. Once an account has been added users can link these to social media accounts. There are a number of cloud editing services such a Google Drive and Only Office is on par with these. We like that an open document via the mobile application is easy to edit and manipulate. You will find here all the necessary tools to edit your document such as undo, text manipulation, fonts, colours, table, sizing objects, text alignment and many more. Shared documents can be edited simultaneously and users can see who has edited the document, comment on previous edited documents, restore previous documents and finalise them. Collaborative documents can be worked on whilst in chat mode – this is a wonderful added feature especially if students are working together on a given project or presentation.

Other storage solutions can be connected such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Documents from these sources can be edited directly within the application. Although we found that the mobile application is a watered down version of the on-line platform the interface is still incredibly user friendly enabling the user to edit documents whilst on the move via an internet connection. We did find however that the document display size was hampered by a visible keyboard especially on a small mobile device. 

For students and educational institutes ONLYOFFICE has some clear advantages. The price point is very competitive compared to other on-line cloud service and this is very important when educational budgets are tight. The ability to collaborate and share documents is a great advantage for teachers who wish to monitor student work and provide instant feedback and revised documents. The instant document ‘save’ is a lifesaver for students who continue to work hard in lessons but often forget to ‘save’ their work. Although the interface may not offer as many features as some of its competitors ‘sometimes less is more’ especially when working with a student with varied educational needs and skills.

ONLYOFFICE is by far one of the best on-line cloud collaborative platforms in both mobile and computer platforms and comes highly recommended by the

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ONLYOFFICE Documents allow you to manage and edit documents stored both on ONLYOFFICE portals and various cloud services connected to ONLYOFFICE. You can edit documents collaboratively with users of your portal. The app fully supports offline editing on device as well.

The document and spreadsheet files can be viewed or edited without installing any additional software. Presentation and PDF files are available for viewing.
Broad range of text processing instruments: page, paragraph and text formatting, operations with tables, autoshapes, charts, etc.
There are plenty of features for managing your spreadsheet data: operations with rows and columns, cell parameters adjustment, more than 280 built-in functions, sorting and filtering capabilities.
With ONLYOFFICE you can make use of full-scale document editors on your iOS devices, importing documents and spreadsheets from side applications like iTunes or connecting third party cloud storage services.

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