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About One Story a Day

One Story a Day is an app that works as a collection of stories converted from their original physical format into an attractive app-based version. There are 365 well-written, beautifully illustrated stories available for purchase in twelve different bundles in the app.

Kids aged five to seven who have progressed beyond early phonics learning and have basic reading skills ready to build upon are the ideal audience for One Story a Day - Beginners. The app is free to download on iOS, Android and Mac computers with a sample stories section. Twelve in-app purchase options unlock the full selection of books.

One Story a Day Review

What we love about One Story a Day.

Paper books have their place, but book apps for kids have their own advantages. Storing 12 books, each holding thirty-ish stories, would be space consuming and difficult for kids to browse. One Story a Day makes them available whether travelling or at home.

The stories retain the colourful and attractive illustrations of the physical versions. Although not adjustable, the text is well-sized relative to your device's screen dimensions.

The idea behind the app of having one story per day is also a pretty powerful one as it comes with the expectation of reading every day—something every teacher of young kids wants their students to do. Parents and kids have an achievable goal wrapped up in the convenience of a single app.

One Story a Day has nearly all of the features parents and teachers expect from a storybook app. The stories are easy to find and access, it suits shared reading between adults and children, and it supports early readers with expressive and clear narration.

What skills does it improve?

The very act of reading or being read to helps kids appreciate and engage with books. Hopefully, this will lead to a love of books to help kids academically and provide them lifelong pleasure.

The content of the stories is varied. They encompass nature, science history, and tales from around the world. Many include thinking points and life lessons to help children grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

What age is it appropriate for?

The stories are produced in line with the Canadian educational system for kids aged 5 to 7, which is pre-K to grade 1 in Canada and the US, and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for England and Wales.

Kids with established basic reading skills can use the stories in this app to consolidate and grow their reading vocabulary to 500 words.

How will students benefit?

Research has shown that kids read more when they have a choice. Giving kids 365 stories to choose from is undoubtedly increasing their choice!

When kids read stories alone for the first time, they will not be unsupported by One Story a Day. The illustrations make each page attention-grabbing and add context to the story. The narration ensures that kids can always access the text. 

How will teachers benefit?

Classrooms are often crammed with teaching and learning resources. Apart from the space they take up, keeping them tidy is another teacher chore. When the resources are available in app form, they never need tidying!

One Story a Day gives teachers a well-targeted and broad range of reading material for their students to read. Kids can select stories that interest them whether they are reading to themselves or their teacher. Alternatively, teachers could read one per day to their class, showing the illustrations and text on a shared screen.

How will parents benefit?

One Story a Day is an excellent and cost-effective way for parents to give their kids a library of stories to browse. Kids quickly progress, so you might not want to invest in a series of physical books that your kids will soon move beyond. Plus, younger siblings will find these app-based books in better condition than hand-me-down physical books when it comes to their turn.

What can One Story a Day improve on?

One Story a Day has used the pages of the physical books directly in the app rather than breaking them down into individually positionable elements. This choice preserves the natural look of the pages but has a few downsides too.

Using it on a device with a screen 'notch', like some iPhones, is essentially impossible because the notch cuts into the display and obscures the text.

On devices without notches, the content is perfectly visible, although, for visual clarity, the text should still have a wider left-hand margin as it looks cramped being so close to the screen edge.

The pages of the stories could also be made clearer by removing the button-based user interface. Buttons for selecting language and the choice of narration don't need to be permanently present. Shifting these to a settings page and using a swipe to turn the page would unclutter the screen, be less distracting and fit users' expectations of on-screen books.

How much does One Story a Day cost?

You can download One Story a Day for free. Your download will come with a sample section with a few short stories that you can use to see the illustrations' quality, the text's level, and how the app works.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The full stories come in twelve collections, one for each month of the year. Each of these is a single in-app purchase, so once you have bought them, they are yours forever without a subscription.

Is One Story a Day safe to use?

Whether you pay for an in-app purchase or not, One Story a Day does not contain any advertisements. The locked content is prominently shown in the app, which could lead to nagging from kids to buy more, but many parents would be delighted to have their kids become eager for new reading books.

All of the stories viewed during this review of One Story a Day were appropriate to the young ages of the intended readers.

Overall rating of the app.

It is easy to dismiss storybook apps when you see others advertising extended reality, artificial intelligence, futuristic gameplay, and the like, but it would be a mistake. The new doesn't have to push out the traditional—kids still love stories, and One Story a Day delivers them.

Sadly, physical page layouts don't necessarily translate to device screens flawlessly, which shows in One Story a Day's lack of typeface control, text positioning and device-specific display problems.

One Story a Day app has been awarded four stars. If the text issues don't bother you and your device does not have a notch, you might feel it is a five-star app. Fortunately, the sample stories let you see if the app will work well on your device and give you a clear view of how it looks in general, so we recommend you try it out for free.

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DC Canada Education Publishing

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