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About OmniFocus 3

 OmniFocus is a powerful task management app with a lot of features for organizing and prioritizing your tasks.

OmniFocus 3 Review

OmniFocus is a task management app for iOS with light and dark modes that can display, or "focus on", a selected sets of tasks at any given time.

OmniFocus encourages you to create projects, which are groups of related tasks. For every project, you must choose what type of project it is: parallel, sequential, or single actions. OmniFocus allows you to quickly capture your thoughts and turn them into actionable tasks. OmniFocus's intuitive and customizable interface provides you with the tools needed to organize your tasks into manageable actions.

OmniFocus for the Web allows you to access your OmniFocus database from most modern web browsers, offering a subset of the functionality available in the native Mac and iOS/iPadOS apps.

OmniFocus stores its data locally on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. This means that you can access your OmniFocus projects and actions even if you don’t have an Internet connection (e.g. when on a plane). 

Does OmniFocus have a free trial?

Yes, OmniFocus has a free trial. 

Pricing Details

OmniFocus for Mac costs $79.99, OmniFocus for iPhone costs $19.99 and OmniFocus for iPad costs $39.99.

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Download OmniFocus 3

You can download OmniFocus 3 on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Download OmniFocus 3for iOS

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