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About Ommm Positive Parenting

Ommm Positive Parenting is an online parenting tool that provides support and advice for positive parenting. The app provides 20 lessons created for parents around the world who would like to build a healthy relationship with their children. The Ommm Positive Parenting provides expert advice at several stages of your child’s development along with individual parenting coaching sessions. 

This application is free from in-app adverts and has protected in-app purchases. The application is available for Apple iOS and Android devices for both mobile and tablet formats. The app is supported by a developer’s website that includes links to parental coaching and information about the application. The application has been created by its founder Tsvety (Sety) Hristanova, a linguist, a wife, a mother of two boys and a certified Positive Parenting Coach.

Ommm Positive Parenting Review

The application opens promptly and requires an email account for access. There is an option for three selected languages that can be changed at any time. A brief description of the app is displayed clarifying what the app will offer as well as a link to a promotional video about Ommm Positive Parenting.

Once logged in the app provides the following menus:

‘Welcome to Ommm’ – An introduction to the ethics and ethos of the application.

‘The Basics’ – Explaining the basics of Positive Parenting.

The application provides 20+ parental lessons. These lessons include:

Welcome to Ommm

Lesson 1 – Emotions

Lesson 2 – ‘Respond’ vs ‘React’.

Lesson 3 – The Four Balloons (Physiology and the behaviour)

Lesson 4 – Preparation

Lesson 5 – Keeping my word

Lesson 6 – A war on ‘No’

Lesson 7 – Mr No

Lesson 7.1 – Two options and Redirection

Lesson 8 – Tantrums

Lesson 9 – The method of the HUG

Lesson 10 – The power of words

Lesson 10.1 – Have to, Must, Don’t’ and No

Lesson 10.2 – Because I said so

Lesson 10.3 – Imperative vs. declarative sentences

Lesson 10.4 – Have to, Must, Don’t and No

Lesson 11 – Show them you care

Lesson 12 – Behaviour and the self

Lesson 13 – Conditional Love

Lesson 14 – Rose-tinted glasses

Lesson 15 – The defiant child

Lesson 16 – Parental rejection

Lesson 17 – Help, my child bites/hits/pinches

Lesson 18 – It’s all relative

Lesson 19 – The right time

Lesson 20 – Discipline and punishment

One more thing - A recap and final message for the Ommm team.

The ‘Home’ screen also provides links to the ‘Ommm meter’ to express how you are feeling today. The ‘Forum’ where questions can be asked. A contact page to personally contact the app's founder Tsvety (Sety) Hristanova, a linguist, a wife, a mother of two boys and a certified Positive Parenting Coach. The side menu provides access to the user’s profile, language settings, developers' partners, privacy policy and account.

The content of this application is vast and gives an incredibly in-depth perspective on parental advice. We found all of the lessons relevant, informative and delivered sensitively. 

Focusing on one of the lessons, Lesson 6 - ‘A war on ‘No’, the information provided was priceless providing explanations, tips and advice, parental phrases to use and explanations. We enjoyed Lesson 8 – Tantrums, which we are sure many parents can relate to. This in-depth lesson provided advice on ‘Terrible Two's, Hormones and emotions, Parental phrasing, questioning and much more. We found the advice very reassuring and informative.

Is Ommm Positive Parenting app easy to use?

Ommm Positive Parenting is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look cluttered. 

How will parents benefit?

This application could simply be a lifeline for parents who are struggling with their children no matter what their age. The lessons a sequenced logically and are easy to follow and implement. With so much conflicted advice for parents on the internet this is a 'one-stop shop' for parents in a handy application format.

How will teachers benefit?

There are certainly lessons in here that are relevant to teachers, classroom situations and scenarios. Teachers certainly should recommend this application for parents who may be struggling at home with their children.

How will the user benefit?

As mentioned before it’s a lifeline. The developers have a vast amount of experience and have thought very carefully about how to present these parental lessons without sounding condescending making every lesson count.

What we love about the Ommm Positive Parenting app

This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following: 

  • The application has a clean and uncluttered layout. The text is very easy to read and the photographs are clear and relevant.
  • The parental lessons are excellent and varied. There is something for everyone with a child at any age. 
  • We like the fact that certain pages of the lessons can be added to the ‘Favourites’ icon. This bookmarks the page rather than the entire lesson which can be returned later.
  • The application sheds an incredibly positive light on parenting. We found the application an uplifting experience to read and highly engaging.
  • The vast amount of content within the application is incredible. The developers can be congratulated on the content and advice they have provided.
  • We liked the fact that content areas are ticked green to show which parts of the application shave been visited and explored.

What the Ommm Positive Parenting app could improve on

It would be beneficial to the user if the ‘Ommm Meter’ was tracked on a daily or weekly basis so the user could see patterns in the behaviour.

How much does Ommm Positive Parenting cost?

Ommm Positive Parenting premium version costs $3.99 and are available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Is Ommm Positive Parenting safe to use?

Yes, the application is safe to use, however, the application does require an email account and reference to a mobile phone number that some users may find reluctant to provide.

Overall Rating of the application

Ommm Positive Parenting is an excellent application that provides an array of content that parents will find informative and supportive. The application comes with an easy to use interface and delightful content suitable for ages 5 to 11. The application offers in-app instructions and support for parents and teachers. Ommm Positive Parenting application recommended by The Educational Appstore.

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Tsvetoslava Hristanova

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