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OKIDO is a digital companion to the imaginative, immersive STEAM monthly magazine created with dedication and creativity to make learning fun for children 3-7.

OKIDO Review

Okido is a gorgeously illustrated arts and science magazine for kids around 8 and under.

What do we like about OKIDO?

Kids' imaginations are captured by Okido's fascinating characters and graphics. Okido magazine is a very amusing and thought-provoking frolic that, among other things, chronicles the exploits of Messy Monster and his buddies as they go on adventures and try to figure out how the world works. The magazine is jam-packed with articles, puzzles, and games in addition to the occasional recipe and poetry.

What skills does it improve?

Okido is the ideal STEAM publication for children since it skillfully blends art and science. The magazine's sections are well thought out, guiding readers through a series of thematically related experiences that amuse while imparting interesting knowledge and facts.

What age is it appropriate for?

Okido is appropriate for kids under the age of 8. 

Is OKIDO free?

Okido can be easily accessed on all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Is OKIDO easy to use?

Every magazine of Okido features engaging STEM lessons. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are referred to as STEM. The issue is themed each month, resulting in a fantastic library of STEM materials for kids that promotes teamwork, curiosity, investigation, discovery, creativity, and critical thinking. 

How will students benefit?

The core tenet of Okido's worldview is that every child is a creative scientist. Because each issue is themed, collecting and keeping them is enjoyable. The magazine includes a number of themed activities, adventures, games, drawings, poems, stories, and recipes. Each page has lovely illustrations.

How will teachers benefit?

Everything from bugs, the environment, and space to water, feelings, and the human body is covered in Okido. Children are captivated by the endearing characters, gorgeous graphics, and captivating stories.

How will parents benefit?

The magazine has 48 pages and is printed on thick matt paper, which is environmentally friendly and particularly helpful for colouring and writing on the activity sections because too many magazines have a gloss to them, which makes pencils and pens rub off easily. Another neat feature is that cut-out parts on pages don't spoil the back, allowing you to freely remove the activities without sacrificing the magazine's vital information. Additionally, because the pages are printed on high-quality, sturdy paper, the cut-out activities can withstand tiny children's touch.

What can OKIDO improve on?

The only drawback was that some issues don’t have a lot of content in relation to the science and technology aspect of STEM learning.

How much does it cost?

Okido is available at the cost of £42.36 Pounds for 6 month's subscription. 

Final thoughts

Children learn via playing, thanks to Okido. It is jam-packed with tales, tasks, and games that spark curiosity in science and encourage creativity. The entertainment and games are intended for all kids and are a stereotype-free environment.

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