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OK Play: Create your story!

Rating OK Play: Create your story! - 5 out of 5 - Best Rating 5.0

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  • Free
  • age 5+
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About OK Play: Create your story!

OK Play is an interactive storytelling app containing many activities that build social and emotional skills in young kids aged 3 and above. It works exceptionally well when parents and children play it together. You can download OK Play on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices for free. This version has a limited set of activities, but many more are unlocked if you take out a subscription.

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OK Play: Create your story! Review

What is OK Play?

OK Play guides, harnesses and develops kids' imaginations and sense of fun to build their confidence, show them how to treat others and have fun. This app is as much a toolbag of activities and ideas for parents as it is a play experience for kids.

It aids learning through interactive storytelling and other activities using the camera and mic of your mobile device. OK Play also supports parents with ideas and guidance for helping their kids to learn both with and without the app. The age rating on the iOS store is 4+ and rated as PEGI 3, but the activities and content are suitable for younger children when supported by an adult.

What we liked about about OK Play

It is easy to view educational apps as activities that kids use independently. This isn't the only way to use them, though. In the same way that parents and children can read books together, they can do the same with the activities in an app.

OK Play works both ways, with neither appearing to be an afterthought. There are plenty of things for kids to do alone, but these, and many more, work at least as well when a caregiver or parent joins in. Bringing kids and parents together in constructive play is something that OK Play does brilliantly.

Games, books and videos nearly always involve kids being outside looking in. OK Play places them right among the action. Whether it is pictures, videos, voice recordings of themselves or drawings and photos they have produced, there is rarely a moment where the player's input is not visible.

This involvement is not just in the app-based activities. It is a rare app that manages to incorporate non-device based education, but OK Play does this very well. Parents receive ideas for carrying on the learning away from the app with copious amounts of well-designed play ideas.

The majority of instructions in the app are spoken aloud, ensuring that kids who have not fully developed their literacy skills can still enjoy the app. Parents will have no difficulties using the app. The support given to them will inspire and provide them with the confidence to help their children develop.

Is it good for learning?

The design of OK Play's material rests on the knowledge of an impressive team of educational experts. The app emphasises personal and social skills with its curriculum designed to build empathy, confidence, and kindness. Other skills and early learning knowledge related to school subjects appear among the many different activities available to subscribers.

OK Play Pricing

A limited set of OK Play's activities are available in the free download. You will get a good idea of the app's quality and its uses from this content. OK Play is fully unlocked through the use of a subscription. Keeping in mind the amount of content and its replayability level, the cost of the subscription feels fair.

OK Play Features and How it works

Kids like to be stimulated and entertained. They love to share their thoughts and growing skillset with their parents and caregivers. If you build the use of OK Play into your daily routine with your kids, it will give you many pleasurable shared moments as they discover and learn.Keeping the autosave feature switched on makes sure that there'll be no tears from lost work. 

Although OK Play feels more like an app aimed at parents and kids, it might still be helpful in educational settings. Teachers using it with individuals can help kids overcome emotional difficulties, or by sharing it with a class can stimulate class discussions.

Many of the activities in the app are quite playable by kids alone, but the app feels like it is at its best when shared. Parent and child together can have a great deal of fun while talking about the current activity. Kids will be learning even more as parents ask thought-provoking questions and encourage their children to think.

The app's creators provide plenty of support to parents with articles, examples and curated content. With the guidance provided by OK Play, parents will never be short of ideas for useful play activities, talking points, and fun things to do. More content is added regularly too.

It is important to note that the play activities are not all app-based either. They encourage and inspire real-world play between caregivers and kids. Some activities might have parents and children sharing the device, while others will have them both up and active.

Is OK Play safe to use?

OK Play has a detailed privacy policy. When kids' apps capture images or videos, you should always check how the resulting files are used and stored and how they might be shared. OK Play's policy indicates it may share such data with service providers, parties you authorise, and business partners.

During this review of OK Play app, it only asked for device permissions that it needed. Examples of these include notifications, camera and mic. The first, you can decline without harming your experience, but an app that uses photos and audio taken by the user needs the tools to capture them.

Opportunities for parents to share the app with contacts are behind a parental lock. This security, however, is relatively weak as it asks only for the adult's birth year. Even quite young children can recognise that typing 19 followed by pretty much any other two digits will get past the lock. 

Final Verdict: Ok Play Review

OK Play is a wonderfully produced app that succeeds in making screentime a sharing time rather than a solitary activity. The activities are fun, provide excellent learning opportunities and make good use of the capabilities of modern devices. There are some great shared learning experiences ahead for any child whose parent invests in OK Play, which is why it has been awarded five stars in this review.

App Details

  • Rating: 5
  • Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Category: Games, Interactive Story, PHSE and Citizenship
  • Ages: Primary School Apps (5-7 Years), Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)
  • Skills: Engagement and Usability
  • In-App Purchases: No
  • In-App Advertising: No
  • Publisher: OkCo Inc.

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