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About Ok Away: Find Family & Friends

Ok Away provides reassurance that everything is okay to the families of backpackers, travellers, hikers and other globally-minded adventurers and support when it might not be. The app’s toolset provides a depository for relevant details such as contacts and travel insurance. 

Ok Away updates constantly changing information such as the traveller’s location, departures, and arrivals. Should a traveller’s family and friends become concerned, the app has an initiative to help collate relevant information and get local eyes peeled.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices as a free download and does not require payment to use any of its features.

Ok Away: Find Family & Friends Review

What is Ok Away: Find Family and Friends app?  

Ok Away has three broad strands for those travelling and their families and friends. 

Ok Away is a place to store and share relevant personal information such as itineraries, insurance, location, departures and arrivals

Ok Away provides timely information relevant to the traveller's current and future destinations, including government-provided advice

Ok Away helps people in the case of losing contact with their travelling loved ones. It logs information about their loved ones and issues notices to other Ok Away users and social media in the relevant areas.

The app's aim is to increase safety and preparedness for the adventurous traveller and give their loved ones at home peace of mind.

What we love about Ok Away app

Keeping travellers informed of timely local developments is a great idea. Updating family members of their loved one's movements is reassuring, especially as those travelling might be too distracted by the opportunities and excitement of their adventures to send detailed updates regularly. The features for these alone make Ok Away well worth your consideration.

However, Ok Away's developers have thought about if things don't seem right or haven't gone according to plan.

We love that the app encourages its users to think about this and helps them put strategies into place.

Travellers often form friendships and spend some of their time in the company of new people. Such companions can be an asset for safety and Ok Away helps with this by letting them easily share contacts and travel insurance. Too often, travelling companions mean to share these details but never quite get around to it. The ease with which Ok Away enables this makes it much more likely to happen.

The ease with which travel itineraries can be created and shared in the app should make it more likely that they will be sent to those who should know. Having a clear itinerary that has been shared with family and friends is an important way of ensuring that any required help is sought and directed promptly and effectively.

There is also a networking-style feature that is in the progress of being built by Ok Away. Should the worst happen and a traveller drop out of contact, the app has tools to engage its users to help.

When a traveller was last heard from on the other side of the world, it isn't easy for friends and family to enlist those in the local area to help. The app's alert system and Missing Pages Initiative helps log known information and notifies other app users in the relevant area of the missing traveller's detailers. 

What skills does it teach?

Ok Away is not designed to teach or help with learning, but it will help parents with peace of mind as their grown-up kids travel independently. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Ok Away is for people travelling independently, so it is not primarily designed for kids. However, this is a free app, and has features that could be helpful for kids if you are not using any other form of a family tracking app. This might include the geo-alerts that let you know when the app user arrives and leaves a location.  As this app is free and could do all you need to keep an eye on your kids' location, it is worth considering.  

As tracking school-age kids is not the app's stated purpose, it is not something covered by this review of Ok Away, but as the app is entirely free, you can easily try it to see if it works for your needs.

Is Ok Away app easy to use?

Ok Away's ease of use is important because the more difficulty there is in accomplishing a task, the less likely it will be completed. Entering an itinerary, sharing details and so on need to be quick and easy, or they'll be put off until later and never get done.

Fortunately, Ok Away makes each way it offers support easier than alternative methods, whether digital or not. It uses a layout that will be familiar to most users and the different features are easy to access and update.

How will students benefit?

From our point of view on the Educational App Store, we suspect that it will be students who have reached the end of an academic phase of their life who are most likely the travellers. This is the time of the ever-popular gap year when young adults fill a backpack and tread a trail through places radically different from anywhere they've ever been. 

And they do it alone with the previously ever-present safety net of parents potentially thousands of miles removed. 

Ok Away will help make these adventurous young people think about keeping family informed, staying abreast of developments, and what will aid others to help them if things don't go according to plan.

How will parents benefit?

Kids going off on their first overseas adventures might be nervous, but they have the excitement to distract them. Their parents just get to sit at home worrying. No app is likely to stop that, but Ok Away will go some way to easing it.

Seeing their kid's itinerary and watching their movements update in line with it will help parents see if everything is going to plan. Their kids might not want to think about things going wrong, but parents will feel better knowing that there is something, in the form of Ok Away's support, to help get information.

Parents might want to consider using this app to check on their younger kids. As they grow in maturity, kids want to taste increased independence, but parents continue to worry. Ok Away has two key features that make it ideal for parents: it updates them on the location of their kids, and it is free!

These features certainly make Ok Away worth considering among other family monitoring apps if location tracking is your prime requirement.

What can Ok Away app improve on?

Everything tried in this review of Ok Away worked well. Obviously, features like reporting a loved one missing are inappropriate to check as part of a review, but existing reports show how it would work.

Ok Away is free and fully functional. Some app users will view this with caution, not knowing how this will evolve. Other apps that are building a user base have made it clear which features will remain permanently free, giving potential users the security to commit to embedding the app in their lives. Ok Away is a great app, and it would be a shame for uncertainty to put anyone off.

Good to know

Ok Away is a great app, but it can't work miracles. Data connections can fail, and devices can be lost, so having backup options is a sensible approach. Travellers and their families should still take all other sensible precautions and not allow the app's features to lull them into a false sense of security.

How much does Ok Away app cost?

At the time of this review of Ok Away, all of its features were free to use and there were no paid options. In the future, it is possible that this might change or new features may attract a charge.

The app contains a link to the Ok Away store, where users can purchase physical travel-related items.

Is Ok Away app safe to use?

For Ok Away to work, it will need access to relevant data, and some of its features will require that the app share that data.    As an example, the app will need to use GPS to track your location and then let others you have nominated share that data.

Data sharing is controlled by the user of the Ok Away app by way of a code that they generate to share with others. Other app users then enter this code into their Ok Away app.

Overall rating of the app.

Travelling is exciting, mind-expanding and a tremendous amount of fun. Those new to it may never have been so far from the safety net of their home, so anything that minimises the consequences of the intrinsic risks is very welcome. Ok Away is a great tool for an adventurous traveller's phone to add to their safety and reduce their family's sleepless nights. 

For anyone whose grown-up kids are about to embark on an adventure, we recommend taking a look at Ok Away and adding it to their preparations.

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