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This app is brought to you by Mammoth Graphics a company responsible for delivering high class graphics for the likes of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. This is the perfect study guide for students studying the text at KS3 and KS4. The detail in the app from the characters to the book locations to the history of Steinbeck and the USA is excellent. This app will certainly help you understand this great story and is an essential guide for students. We love the graphics, the audio and attention to detail.

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  • Of Mice and Men Study AppOf Mice and Men Study AppOf Mice and Men Study AppOf Mice and Men Study AppOf Mice and Men Study App


Study and explore the classic story 'Of Mice and Men' like never before.

Combining a classic text, stunning artwork, and brilliant analyses into one app, this interactive study guide will help every student immerse themselves into the world of George and Lennie in 1930s America.

Improve literary understanding and exam grades by availing yourself of an in-depth knowledge of Steinbeck's popular text.

Boasting exceptional illustration and comprehensive study of the characters, locations, themes and context by an Oxford PhD English teacher, the App Store has never seen a study guide like this before.

* Expert analysis of the text by an Oxford PhD English teacher
* Beautiful artwork
* Analysis tailor-made for exam revision
* Thorough character studies voiced by actors to bring the text alive and help listeners relate
* A study of the four main locations, with gorgeous illustration and analysis that engages the viewer, and enables them to appreciate the literary devices being used
* Comprehensive discussion of the book's context, including the author, and life in the 1930s
* A glossary to explain the unique 1930s slang and phrases
* Navigate by chapter, allowing for a structural overview of the book
* Options to share the app on Twitter or Facebook
* The latest way of studying literature

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