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About OCR Text Detection Tool

The title of this app certainly emphasises its purpose.  Expand the initialism and it is called Optical Character Recognition Text Detection Tool.  This is precisely what it does and it does it well.

OCR Text Detection Tool Review

Some apps provide an educational experience in themselves while others enhance the learning experience and improve accessibility.  Optical Character Recognition Text Detection Tool is the latter.  It enables teachers and students to access text in one form and transform it into another.  Taking notes from textbooks, copying text across into worksheets, and making text that is unreadable for some students into a form that they can use, are three use cases for this app.

This is a Windows-only app available through the Windows Store.  You may have used similar apps on mobile devices and there are certainly different use cases for either that makes both form factors valid platforms.  Mobile devices with easily manoeuvrable cameras make it easy to capture physical pages.  Laptops and desktop machines with their large screens and easier multitasking are great for text recognition from on-line or other screen-based resources.

A really useful feature of OCR Text Detection Tool is the screenshot tool.  When you click on this option, it does not just grab the visible screen but offers you a choice of all open windows on your computer.  For students with multiple resources open at a time, this will be a convenient way of capturing notes or grabbing lengthy quotations.

If you do have a camera attached to your PC, you can use it to capture images from physical resources.  Another convenient way to do so would be to use your mobile device to capture a photo and then a filesharing app to make make it available for your PC.  The app has a load-from-file option for this workflow.  With a little setup, this can become a seamless process.

If you're concerned about the lack of portability of a computer for text recognition consider how you use the text.  For many, they only need to be able to capture text on their phone, the end use of the text is usually on a computer.  It makes sense, then, to use OCR Text Detection Tool for its ease of use with other Windows apps

The capturing of the image from where the text is to be derived is not the end of the app's useful features.  The recognised text preserves the line breaks of the source material - which you might want.  This keeps things clear for such things as lists.  However, for a paragraph of text captured from a newspaper column, the line breaks are unnecessary and make reading more difficult.  A click of a button removes the unrequired line breaks.

Students working in a second language can also choose to translate text into one of a huge number of supported languages - those that use the Latin character set and others that do not.  The usual cautions are required whenever using a computer to carry out translations.  Slight changes of context and tone can occur but this it is still a remarkably accurate and very useful feature.

Students can find it difficult to read the text in its printed form for a variety of reasons.  Certain typefaces, colours and size can be difficult for those with dyslexia.  Those with visual disabilities have tools that they can use to help them but they work better with captured text.  Once the text is held by OCR Text Detection Tool it can be copied to the clipboard and used in other apps but it can also be read out in this one.  The text synthesis is somewhat robotic but it relates the text accurately and clearly for those who cannot otherwise access it.

The app's features are tightly focussed on covering the majority of users' needs in as simple a way as possible.  Everything is self-explanatory.  Tooltips confirm what buttons are for and everything is easily available without drilling down through menus.

OCR Text Detection Tool is a great solution for capturing text and converting it into an editable form.  You'll know whether you or your students can make use of it by considering how often you wish you could easily convert text from one source into another format.  This is an effective and useful tool that you should check out in the Windows Store.

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