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About Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Nursery Rhymes for Kids is an interactive app targeted at preschool aged children. If you take advantage of the subscription service, you will have access to over 200 different nursery rhymes and educational songs and activities. 

Nursery Rhymes For Kids Review

The Nursery Rhymes for Kids app is available on all the major app platforms except for Windows and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Android Play Store and Amazon App Store. In each case, the basic app contains over twenty free songs and activities, with the option to download significant extra content with in app purchases.
In essence, the app is a very simple concept. There are a large number of animated nursery rhymes and other songs divided up into themed collections, as well as a small number of interactive activities. All of these are aimed at very young users, with the stated expected range being 0-5 years old. Engagement in the app may well tail off towards the higher end of this age range though, as the app will be basic compared to others that preschoolers may already be aware of and competent in using. The app is, however, more interactive than many simple video-sharing platforms. 
The songs in the app are divided up into sixteen categories - covering topics such as nursery rhymes, the alphabet, animals, vehicles, food, times of the year and animals. Many of these categories contain a limited number of free songs, with many more available to subscribers. Each song is very well animated, with an appealing cartoon style and high quality music and sound effects. The app navigation is very clear and easy for young children to find their way around, although with sensible locks for parent specific content. Parents might like to be aware that the accents throughout the app are American, rather than British, and that once the content is downloaded, there is no need for an internet connection.
On top of the huge selection of songs, there is also a small category of activities for children to complete. Again, this is aimed at very young children, and is styled well for them. All of the controls are very accessible for small children just starting to use a touch screen. For subscribers there are ten different sets of activities, with two of these available within the free offering. Each of these activity sets consists of a main animated picture screen, which has several hotspots to open up little interactive challenges. These include simple matching activities, small jigsaw puzzles and other activities that encourage you to touch the screen in different ways, such as tapping, pressing and dragging. Again, the activities are all very well designed and animated to appeal with high quality graphics and sound throughout. 
One last feature that particularly adds to the useability of this app is the playlist function, which allows parents to queue up nursery rhymes in a particular order and be confident that their child cannot leave the app. This means that parents can let their children listen and watch a list of favourite nursery rhymes in a secure way. The app is crammed with content that will appeal to very young children, and this functionality may well prove very useful to parents too.

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You can download Nursery Rhymes For Kids on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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