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NumNum 2 - A Math Game

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About NumNum 2 - A Math Game

This reasonably addictive game is designed for primary school children to practice math with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As the child progresses through the game the problems become harder and therefore the achievement is greater. The commentary is in Swedish and the background music all enhance the urgency of the game to complete it.


Teacher Review

The application downloaded with no fuss and takes up a meagre 231.4MB on the iPad. The start screen immediately shows you the basic elements of the game which include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, a fifth choice is the facility to shuffle between the individual math problems. Each button icon illustrates the progress the child has made through the problems, in the middle of the oblong shaped button are a series of seven dots each of which are progressively filled in to denote progress and the slider below the dots also depict the progress with a length of line filling in from the left. The fish shape on the right of the oblong button also colours itself in to denote the progress made by the user. Overall the screen is graded from a bright blue at the top to a rich turquoise at the bottom, the occasional cluster of bubbles rise on the screen, but you cannot pop them with a touch! A jolly purple fish is the narrator and sits at the top left of the screen and this is ably accompanied by a bright yellow star fish in the bottom right of the screen. The statutory menu icon on the top right of the screen compliments a pleasant start screen boding well for the rest of the game.

The menu button reveals another screen for the user to set some preferences. The customary mute button toggle for the commentary, a mute toggle for the music and four reset reset buttons for each of the binary operations, this last option has a parent lock.

The object of the game is to get your fish to the finishing line before the other fish that lurks behind you.

When the child enters the screen the jolly purple fish counts down in Swedish to give them fair warning of the start.  The Swedish voice is strangely reassuring and the encouragement throughout the game proves it is not necessary to understand the language, just the intonation is sufficient. Once started the competing fish is some distance behind the chosen fish on the bottom right of the screen is a white billboard with the particular problem around this billboard are four bubble each with a suggested solution to the problem depicted, if the child chooses the correct answer then the bubbles explode and a piece of food is fired out in the direction of the fish and they happily chomp away at the food which causes them to move faster toward the finishing line. However, if a child chooses the wrong answer the bubbles also explode but the opposing fish is rewarded with the food causing them to move more rapidly towards the finishing line. When your chosen fish eventually wins they swim to the surface and part of the fish is coloured in and the progress line moves forward. As the child progresses through the game and they are first across the finishing line they begin to collect a rather large school of fish to choose from, all of which are delightfully drawn and very colourful. If the child manages to complete a level they are rewarded with a companion fish which just follows the chosen fish a discreet distance behind, however a note to the developer here, the companion never receives any food! 

Overall the game is an excellent addition to any teacher or parent toolkit where they want their child to enhance and practice maths skills. The gaming structure of the application obviously promotes a competitive nature, a nature which not every child has and for some children this will be a challenge and they may not want to play for too long, however, many with a competitive nature will enjoy collecting the fish and responding to the challenge.

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  • NumNum 2 - A Math GameNumNum 2 - A Math GameNumNum 2 - A Math GameNumNum 2 - A Math GameNumNum 2 - A Math Game


Practice math with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix of all four, at your own pace!

To win the game, get your fish in the goal before the opponent. For every correct answer, you feed your fish, which gives it a speed boost. If you are too​ quick and answer incorrectly, the other fish gets the food! If you wait too long to answer you will lose all your speed and your opponent will swim past you.

Choose your fish and go up against other smart math fishes. You get a new fish for every level you complete. If you can finish a whole discipline you get a companion! Are you redo for the challenge?

In NumNum you don't have time to count on your fingers!

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