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About NumBots

NumBots is an app that helps students acquire skills in mathematics funnily and interactively.

NumBots Review

What do we like about Numbots?

The main goal of NumBots is for every child to achieve the "triple win" of comprehension, memory, and fluency in mental addition and subtraction so that they may transition from counting to calculating.

What skills does it improve?

Students move through hundreds of additional levels and challenges as they earn achievement badges. They will also find components in the Story Mode that will aid RustyBot transform from rust to diamond so he can sparkle on the inside and out.

What age is it appropriate for?

NumBots is appropriate for students of all grades.

Is Numbots free?

NumBots is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Numbots easy to use?

Before entering the "Story" and "Challenge" modes, where the app takes care of the students' learning, they select their own Bot. It is ideal to advise playing for at least three minutes each day, four or five times per week, at home or school, for the best results in your practice.

How will students benefit?

The intelligent practice methodology of NumBots focuses on the automatic recall of number facts as well as conceptual understanding development so that kids may tackle more complicated challenges. By methodically adding layers of knowledge, we help our students stay confident and ready to take on the next subject.

Every child will be inspired to build their ideal robot with a wide range of characters to pick from, such as pirates, angels, dragonflies, and ninjas. Even better, they can combine the components to make their things! Children can print off and store their wonderful creations in their scrapbooks.

How will teachers benefit?

If your school already use TT Rock Stars, our system will detect this during the registration process and allow people to log in using their existing credentials. Classes for schools using TT Rock Stars will already be organised. includes launch and ongoing impact support materials like display packs, certificates, parent letters, training materials, and instructional resources like videos and PowerPoint.

Teachers can monitor development and usage at the class and individual levels using tables and charts. While printable leaderboards and automatically generated certificates enable you to acknowledge and reward students' academic success.

What can Numbots improve on?

NumBots will be difficult for those students who are not fast enough to answer swiftly and they have to repeat the same level.

How much do Numbots cost?

NumBots is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

NumBots is a clever idea to make math fun by treating it like a game. visually appealing and makes you want to play.

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You can download NumBots on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the NumBots app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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