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About Numberita - 123 Counting Games

Numberita - 123 Counting Games app is a Montessori-based app that introduces kids to the numbers 1 to 100.  It takes the form of a set of restriction-free, cafe-based activities that children can play as they choose.

Numberita is available for free on iOS.  Its content and style make it most suitable for kids up to the age of 5.

Numberita - 123 Counting Games Review

What is Numberita - 123 Counting Games app?

The best way to think about Numberita is to think of it as a virtual playset. Imagine a cafe-style playset in real life. Kids would make up their own games according to their own rules as they explore the items. Adults could join in to add some extra elements like counting or new words.

Numberita takes the Montessori method of learning as its foundation, making learning through play, as described above, fit easily with it. Players have access to a monster-owned and populated cafe. Kids can play with ingredients, tools and more. As they explore the app, it responds with counted numbers, written and spoken, up to 100. 

What we love about Numberita

The most striking aspect of Numberita is its fantastic presentation. The graphics, animations, and sound really sell the idea of a friendly monster cafe. All elements combine to encourage kids to explore and experiment in the app - learning the names and order of numbers as they do so. 

What skills does it improve?

Numberita's main curriculum goal is to familiarise kids with numbers in order up to 100. However, its open-ended nature means that each child will get something different from it. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Numberita is for young children. Those up to the age of 5 would gain the most from its play structure and activities. 

Is Numberita easy to use?

Kids can easily find their way around this app without needing to read. Tapping on the on-screen elements produces clear responses. Not everything is meant to be immediately obvious in the app, as it is designed to encourage kids to explore and experiment. 

How will students benefit?

Some kids prefer to use their imaginations when playing rather than following the rules and restrictions of true games. Numberita will appeal to these kids.

They can make up stories about what they are doing, see how different things respond in the app, and play without pressure. 

How will teachers benefit?

As the target age group for this app is mostly under school age, it is not one that most teachers will need. Nevertheless, those who work with nursery, kindergarten, or pre-kindergarten kids will likely find this app a fun way to introduce numbers. 

How will parents benefit?

The open-ended and rule-free nature of Numberita makes it ideal for parent and child to play together as well as for kids to play it alone. Parents can guide children towards certain activities, introduce methods of play that involve counting or some other aspect of learning, and just have fun with their kids. 

What can Numberita improve on?

The quality of Numberita is such that it leaves the user wanting more. A few more activities produced of the same quality would be most welcome additions to the existing ones. That might be a lot to ask of a free app, though. 

How much does Numberita cost?

Numberita is available for free. There are in-app purchases and subscription options. 

Is Numberita safe to use?

Numberita contains no advertisements, external links, or in-app purchase options. All of the content is child friendly. 

Overall rating of the app

To adults, used to structured games, Numberita might seem a little directionless, but that is its point. Young kids using Numberita will enjoy the freedom of learning about the numbers 1 to 100 as they play without ever feeling the sting of failure.  The app's beautiful presentation lifts it high among those apps informed by the Montessori method - especially amazing as it is free - this is a five-star app. Numberita is one of our recommended app to learn numbers for kids.

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You can download Numberita - 123 Counting Games on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Download Numberita - 123 Counting Gamesfor iOS

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