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About Numberblocks Games

Numberblocks is a fun free app that introduces child to numbers and helps develop their counting skills. Make them change shape, count the Numberblobs and watch cool clips to get to know your favourite number friends. The Bafta-winning Alphablocks (iOS and Android) has engaging phonics basics for Nursery to Reception ages, while the Numberblocks app (iOS and Android) covers foundation maths.

Numberblocks Games Review

Numberblocks is a number game completely based on logic which is fun for beginners and can quickly become challenging. Place the numbers and try to find the unique solution to each puzzle. Easy puzzles are ideal to relax and clear your head during a short break. Harder puzzles can become tricky logic problems and fun brain workouts.

Packed with games, puzzles and episodes, this interactive numberblocks game helps young learners to build numbers up to 100, recognise number patterns and search and count with Numberblocks One to One Hundred.


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Android, iPad, iPhone




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