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About Number Train Early Learning

An engaging app that teaches children to count from 1 to 20 in a variety of different languages.

Number Train Early Learning Review

An engaging app for young children encountering the number system for the first time.  This app allows children to learn their basic numbers from 1 to 20, through progressively more difficult tasks and games. 

Upon opening the app children are presented with a “number train” from which they select a number to learn.  Every number is divided into five tasks, each with a different skill, slightly more demanding than the previous.  The first skill introduces the number through the spoken word, written word and a visual image of the number itself which children are able to press and hear the word again (or press the images to hear it with funny childish voices).  Stage two requires children to trace copy their chosen number.  Key points are identified and stars are awarded when a child is able to draw the number within its boundary.  The next stage encourages the child to count marbles into a box, giving children them a feel for the size of a number.  This concept is reinforced as the app counts and checks the child’s answer, either awarding praise for a correct answer or identifying an incorrect number and encouraging the child to rectify this and check again.  Stage four initially allows children to visualise a sequence of numbers, then builds on the skills already developed, encouraging children to sequence numbers up to their chosen number then guides them to the remaining numbers.  The final stage gives children a fifty-fifty choice of dominoes that add up to their chosen number.  This introduces other elements of mathematics, but also allows children to see numbers in a different context.

In addition to the basic functions, there is a “grown-ups” area and a settings area.  The “grown-ups” area allows adults to view their child’s statistics and how well they have learned their numbers, however it would be nice to see a wider range of statistics recorded to help guide the child through their learning.  The settings area allows the user to control sound and effects, but most interestingly the language being studied.  Users can choose from English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian at which point the spoken sounds are changed to the target language.  This adds a different element to the app, appealing to those bi or multilingual children as well as those parents hoping to extend their child’s learning.

Overall an excellent app, worthy of a 5 star rating.

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