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About Number+Sense Home Edition

Number+Sense helps children to develop fluency, speed and accuracy in arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. It does this by using an innovative method whereby players are constantly challenged to improve their skills and are motivated to practice more for continuous progress.

Number+Sense Home Edition Review

The development of speed, fluency, and accuracy in arithmetic is only achievable through practice.  Number+Sense is designed to make this process less of a chore and does so while layering a whole extra challenge on top to develop thinking skills further. 

The problems to answer in Number+Sense are a graded set of arithmetic questions.  They are grouped by their type and include a few topics beyond the usual four operations.  Roman numerals and beginner algebra are useful additions.    A nice touch is that as the timer counts down, it changes through an array of colours with each change offering a tailored suggestion to take children through the next step in solving the problem.  According to the app developers, this is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes it relevant and useful.  This guidance provided by the app helps children think about how to decompose a problem into steps in order to arrive at the correct answer

There is nothing especially unusual in the question types but the method of answering is unique.  A grid of numbers ranging from 1 upwards (the top number depends on the challenge) provides the player with a means by which to answer.  Aside from a few numbers in locations well chosen by the app, the grid is blank and waiting to be completed by the player.   These pre-existing numbers and a brief animation showing the board layout before the game begins, provide the player with the reference points necessary to work out the location of other numbers in the grid.  This is a really good idea as not only does the player need to find the answer but each attempt to answer is an exercise in decoding and working with number patterns.

The board layout can swing the difficulty of the challenge.  In terms of reinforcing the basic concepts needed to answer each question,  the most simple layout, in ascending rows of tens, is the best because it is the easiest.  Counting on in tens and then units is a powerful strategy and one that is useful for children to practise until it is second nature.  As well as the challenge of answering the questions, players apply their understanding of numbers to find where they must click the answer.  Counting on in a way that reflects the board's structure is a required strategy.

The difficulty level leaps when the more complex layouts are used.  The answering of the questions remains defined by the topic and level of difficulty that the player has reached but the layouts depart from the grid ascending in tens with which children are most familiar in their maths lessons.  The numbers remain on a grid but their progression can follow a spiral or other pattern.  At the start of each game, where only a few numbers are lit, this can feel very challenging.  To make this less challenging the  player can start in practice mode and practise with open numbers which will help them to become conversant with the dynamic number board.   Given time, players will develop a more flexible capacity for spatial reasoning which will be useful not only to succeed in this app but in other endeavours too.

For some children, it will be very challenging to juggle the computational skills required to work out the flow of the numbers and the answer to the set question.  It pushes players' concentration levels extremely well and even able children will be pushed.  Fortunately, players can choose the level at which to play and teachers or parents should guide children towards playing the level most suitable to them.  Children earlier in their education should be directed to the beginner track and then move to advanced and sensei tracks

The level targets set by the game do seem to keep this challenge in mind.  Out of context, they might seem a bit low for the topic in question but when the topic's challenge is added to that of traversing the grid, it gives the player a fighting chance.  The increases in difficulty also grant the app an added longevity that many maths apps do not have.  The in-app rewards are higher for succeeding on the more difficult tracks and children will not feel like they are just going through the motions.

The rewards come in the form of the app's Monster Market where players can build up a collection of monsters as a reward for success.  Improvement in maths can also be its own reward in the app as children can compete within private groups of their friends and classmates.   Taking the top place in any competition is a satisfying outcome and a reward in itself. Having children strive to outdo each other in maths is a teacher's dream!

The app has a clean and simple look to it.  This makes it age-neutral which is ideal for the broad span of children's ages to which it can usefully be employed.  There is no sound which does not harm the game in any way but the ubiquity of audio across apps nowadays does make its absence felt.  A few confirmation pings and the like would be welcome.  On the other hand, the designers of the app have given importance to the user experience by introducing a lot of dynamics and animations which are thoughtfully integrated into the flow of the game.

There is a well-developed reporting structure in this app that parents and teachers can use to check the engagement and progress of their children's use of the app.  This can be accessed within the app itself or through a simple to use web-based interface.

This app's innovative approach lifts it above many other arithmetic practice apps.  It has a broad coverage of topics and offers a mental challenge like no other arithmetic app.  Teachers and parents alike will find this a great way to help their children practice their number work.

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