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Number Bonds 1-10

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This is a great app for kids who are in Early Primary to gain familiarity with numbers and to begin to build associations between whole numbers and addition. The game is exciting and continuously builds on concepts as the game progresses. We have given at an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

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One of the main reasons we really liked using this game is that it leaves a lot of the thinking and learning up to the user. This is a game that develops skills of logic and hones the skill by mode of repetition.

In this app, the numbers only go from 0 to 10. The idea is that a number between 1-10 pops up in the middle of the illustration. The learner’s mission is to point out all of the numbers that make up the number. So, for example, if we are asked to point to “4”, we must then include all of the combinations (using only two numbers) that add up to 4; 4+0, 0+4, 1+3, 3+1, 2+2. The larger the number, the more combinations there are.

The great thing about this is that the numbers that the learner chooses from are set in a circle which makes it easier to see the associations between numbers. This is very interesting as the creators of the app have effectively created their own abacus-style representation in order to develop counting skills. Once the app has been completed in number order during the first play,  all the numbers are set at random so that the game can be played over and over again.

To improve upon the app, I would add a system by which the app counts out your work if you choose so that the child can really understand how to count out his/her work. Children do spot patterns quite easily and if they spot the symmetry involved in the number-circle of the numbers making-up the final number, they may go on automatic mode. Therefore, to get the most out of this app, perhaps an adult can play it with the child as this will really hone-in on the fact that numbers are just an abstract concept that directly related to things in the real world. I say this because so often I have seen how maths can just turn into something abstract and far-removed from a child’s mind so that we often hear “but why?” in relation to a mathematical problem or concept. If children can understand the philosophy behind numbers, it will really help as maths gets more complex in later years.

Despite the meandering, the app leads in the right direction. The bright colours, the easy illustrations and the music make this app an exciting and fun addition to your maths repertoire!

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  • Number Bonds 1-10Number Bonds 1-10Number Bonds 1-10Number Bonds 1-10Number Bonds 1-10


Vemolo Number Bonds 1-10 is an educational game, designed for children between the ages of 4 to 6. Number bonds are an essential part of primary school mathematics education, and is part of the curriculum in the UK and many other countries. It is the foundation of numbers; and this game helps children to become familiar with them, and be able to instantly recognise the common number bonds by turning it into a fun game.

The game utilises visualisation, colour coding and repetition to take the pain out of learning, and allows the child to form strong associations in their mind on many different levels - however they learn best. This game teaches children to understand each number and it's makeup i.e. number 3 is made of 0+3, 1+2, 2+1 and 3+0.

The game is colourful, exciting and progressive. It gives children the desire to play again and again to reinforce their learning, and a sense of achievement when they have finished each level. This game replaces a few weeks of hard work with fun!

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