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Novel AI - AI Story Generator Review

AI Story Generator Novel Maker is built upon the latest generative AI tools but adds value to them by guiding your input to achieve coherent narratives. Rather than studying how to write effective prompts for AI, AI Story Generator Novel Maker users can concentrate on their creative process.

The app can generate stories up to 3,000 words or support the creation of themes, characters, and settings for longer works. For example, you can create characters using the app and use the output as a framework to build your fully realised heroes, antiheroes, and bystanders in your novel.

Novel AI - AI Story Generator Features

  • Built-in library: Premade stories to fuel your ideas
  • Different outputs: create novel, create novel outline, character development, plot twist generator
  • Storage: Keep your favourite generated stories and ideas to read again
  • Image generator: Generate mood-making images to match your narrative
  • Clear input choices: select genre, style, and enter key points

Screenshots of Novel AI - AI Story Generator

Novel AI Pricing

You'll have to subscribe to the three-day trial to test the app, which also shows ads. After this, you must subscribe to one of the available terms. Subscription starts at $4.99

Is it good for learning?

AI Story Generator Novel Maker is a tool rather than a direct learning resource. Its educational value will be most pronounced when a creative teacher or adult uses it to motivate and guide kids to produce their works of fiction. Its ability to kickstart ideas might get reluctant writers to think about the stories they can tell and find their writer's voice.

When looking at generative AI apps, we always consider what they offer above the underlying models, such as ChatGPT. You could achieve similar results to the output from this app with a general-purpose service, but AI Story Generator Novel Maker makes creating narratives simpler and more intuitive, which could benefit educators and students who do not want to dive deeply into prompt creation. The downside is that you forgo some flexibility in defining the outcome.

The Pros of using Novel AI - AI Story Generator

  • Simple interface
  • Good starting prompts to help inspiration
  • Generating a suitable cover can be a fun motivator to progress the story
  • Good selection of styles and genres

The Cons of using Novel AI - AI Story Generator

  • App is for inspiration, not novel creation.
  • More output guidance options needed.
  • App rating is for all, but supervise kids due to age guidelines (minimum age 13).
  • AI tech can't create full novels, limited to around 3,000 words.

More Information

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Books
Interactive Story
AI Tools

Great for - Creative Development

Benefits for Students

Creative writing in lessons is something of an unnatural process. Students get a blank page, and teachers ask them to write something creative in the next hour or so. Added to this is the pressure that if they don't write anything, it looks like they haven't done anything.

For would-be writers who can't just turn their creativity on, AI Story Generator Novel Maker can be a great kickstart to the process. They can generate a character, a story flow, or a setting and use that as a jumping-off point.

As with many AI tools, they'll need to be careful not to over-rely on the tool or misuse it, but appropriate use can help get over the hurdle of a blank page and time pressures.

Benefits for Teachers

Generative AI tools like AI Story Generator Novel Maker have the potential to let teachers be more creative without taking more time. When you want to help kids think about creative writing techniques, you can use AI Story Generator Novel Maker to produce custom examples.

You might want to adapt them slightly to your needs, but the adaptation will be much quicker than starting from a blank page.

Benefits for Parents

You don't have to be an aspiring writer to use this app. Parents can use it to generate a custom bedtime story every night. With a choice of short (approximately 1,000 words) or long (approximately 3,000 words) stories, you can match them to your time.

As you can guide the stories, you can also use familiar names and tailor them to the season, such as a beach-based story in summer or a Christmas tale in winter.

The app saves stories it has generated so you can always revisit favourites.

Download Novel AI - AI Story Generator

You can download Novel AI - AI Story Generator on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Novel AI - AI Story Generator app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Final Verdict: Novel AI - AI Story Generator Review

AI Story Generator Novel Maker is an AI tool for writers with an educational role. We feel that it offers time-saving and creative inspiration for learners and educators, but both must take the right approach. Learners need to remember that their writing is what should go into a story, not the AI's — but AI can help inspire them. Educators need to think about how the app can support their lessons. Parents have, perhaps, the easiest decision. If the idea of a fresh, customised bedtime story for their kids each day appeals, AI Story Generator Novel Maker could be a fun app to own.

We feel this app has value in education, but it is not its primary purpose and will require teacher or educator guidance to use it most effectively. Would-be novelists hitting writer's block might find it perfect, though!

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