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About Notysing

Notysing is an intuitive and simply designed app that allows users to learn how to understand music theoretically through singing. This intelligent little app is able to listen to the audio you sing through your microphone to identify which notes you are singing alongside their games and activities, and what score you therefore received. With a variety of tasks, topics, lessons and quizzes, the app offers a range of levels and abilities, and provides feedback as you work through each activity.

Suitable for any age from 4 and above, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and is also available on the Google Play store for Android, as well as installation available for Chromebook, PC & Mac. The app is free of charge. It develops skills in notation reading, theoretical understanding and singing ability. 

Notysing Review

Notysing is a singing app to learn the basics of music in a fun and musical way by singing.

What we love about Notysing App. What skills does it improve?

What I love about Notysing App, is the opportunity of building children’s skills in singing alongside musical theory. So many singers develop their skills by ear and often arrive into the music curriculum in schools with a weakness in theoretical knowledge. Pairing these two things together gives singers an equal opportunity in being able to succeed at musical theory alongside other traditional instrumentalists. I also really love that the skills build up quite gently, and the levels of difficulty are very well differentiated. The app is very intuitive, and accurately hears the audio and is able to recognize if the singer has been accurate and is able to move forward with their progress.

What age is it appropriate for?

Notysing is appropriate for any age that would like to work on their vocal skills, but ideally from the age of four and above, with some parental support in reading and understanding. Without support, I would suggest from the age of 10 and above.

Is Notysing App easy to use?

Notysing App is easy to use, due to the simple layout of the app. It provides small written instructions and explanations with lovely design and a friendly note to take you through the navigation of each session. It is quite clear how to navigate your way through, but the additional written explanations are very useful in ensuring you are using the app to its’ full potential.

How will students benefit?

Students benefit through a developed understanding of theory and a more successful opportunity of challenging the skill-building in singing, especially as so many students, particularly as they get older, lose their confidence in singing, and therefore inevitably lose their passion. This app allows students to practice in the privacy by themselves, and yet still receiving feedback.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers benefit from this greatly, as it offers the students some support, feedback and differentiation, and allows students to become more confident in their singing skills. This will then enable them to feel more confident when working practically in class in being able to sing with others. It also supports singing students in being able to understand theory, which then allows the teacher to become more effective in the classroom.

How will parents benefit?

As this app is available on a wide range of devices, this also allows students to access their practice at home, and share it with their parents to demonstrate their learning and understanding. As it is also a safe app to use that doesn’t necessarily require a sign-in, parents can feel confident that their child is safe.  If teachers also use the Notysing dashboard, they are able to monitor students progress and work through the app in order to support them in their areas of their learning.

What can Notysing App improve on?

Notysing could improve on the shareability of the app. Whilst teachers are able to monitor through their Dashboard, it would be helpful if there was a way that the students could contact the teacher through the app e.g. to leave a comment on to say ‘I’m stuck on this section’ or ‘I don’t understand why I keep getting this wrong’. This would really help teachers to be effective in supporting their students. In regards to the design and functionability of the app, Notysing could offer ‘bonus’ tasks at the end of each round for those who received 100%, or ‘badges’ that students can collect whenever they get 100%.

How much does Notysing App cost?

The app is currently free. There is no paid version to compare with.

Is Notysing App safe to use?

The app is safe to use.

What is the overall rating?

I would rate the app as 4.5 stars out of 5, as it requires an internet connection in order to analyse the notes.

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