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A very useful app; that can enable a student to concentrate on a teacher lecturing, without being distracted by taking notes, whilst listening.

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A useful app; which can be used by the student in class, with a directional microphone, to record a teacher lecture, the application can be used on an iPhone or Android device, the recording can then be uploaded to your iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the recording is saved you can then use Notetalker Edit, desktop software, to attach your own rich media summary notes to the file, thus helping you to reflect further on the lecture. The app has particular advantages for students with hearing impairment and or specific learning needs.

Downloading the app is very straightforward and you are soon into the start screen. The ‘New Note’ screen is uncluttered and directs you intuitively to the large circular microphone and speaker icon, which, when touched immediately starts recording, denoted by the timer above the icon which has now conveniently changed to a large pause button. When you have finished recording you have the option to adjust the quality of the sound with a number of sliders across a pitch range i.e. you can cut out the background noise! The final option, when you have adjusted the sound, is to save the file by touching the ‘Tick’ icon which reveals a simple, but effective, pop up menu where you can name the file and store in pre-set folders or create your own folder.

The recording completed and saved is only a part of the picture. When recording a lecture, you have an option to take a photograph, which could be a presenter’s slide, which will attach to the audio note, you can also add a bookmark to a section of the lecture that has special significance. The bookmark is an important feature because it will provide you with a point of reference in Notetalker Edit, desktop software, to type in your own notes on the particular concept you bookmarked that you need to reinforce or reflect on. These key bookmarked moments can also be played back by accessing the bookmark lists on the app.

The settings menu provides you with three options: ‘Select Audio Quality’, ‘Select Audio Format’ and ‘Dropbox Status’. The Select Audio Quality section provides you with the ability to select from CD quality, high quality, medium quality or low quality. A useful addition is an indication of the minutes that are available to carry out your recording. Obviously, the higher the quality, the less time you have available. The Select Audio Format section has two choices ‘WAV’ or ‘MP4’ which is a useful selection for people who have a limited space and want to use MP4 format. The last choice, Dropbox Status is a great idea, because with a free account you can ensure that your files are stored for access to a number of different devices and in particular your laptop or desktop where you can add rich media notes to the audio in Notetalker Edit.

The online tutorial is basic, but is entirely adequate because of the intuitive design of the app. Further help is available on YouTube with a useful selection of help guides. The Conversor directional microphone is a handy accessory which is easily plugged into your phone and can be pointed directly at the teacher whilst delivering the lecture.

Notetalker is an excellent addition to the toolbox of any student wishing to get the most out of a teacher lecture. It provides you with an audio recording of the talk, that highlights the main points through bookmarks and stores images of the presenters slides, or other visual stimuli, to reinforce or clarify understanding.

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