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Noteshelf 3 Review

What is the problem with physical notebooks? They take up lots of space, make it hard to find the exact note you need, and are difficult to organise efficiently. Noteshelf has positioned itself as a solution to these problems almost as long as the iPad has existed. It has always aimed to turn Apple's device into a physical notebook beater.

The latest version, Noteshelf 3, takes everything that made Noteshelf 2 so much better than paper notes and adds even more. It works best with an iPad and an active stylus like the Apple Pencil, although all the functionality is there on the iPhone. On the smaller device, it works well for quick reference or making short edits to your notes.


Noteshelf 3 Features

  • Unlimited notebooks and pages with a built-in organisational and tagging system make for easy search and retrieval of your notes.
  • Incorporate photos and audio recordings with your notes.
  • An easy-to-understand and well-organised user interface makes taking notes as easy as pen and paper.
  • Noteshelf AI adds generative functionality to your notes. Type a heading, and Noteshelf 3 will populate your page with relevant notes you can edit, summarise, or keep.
  • Noteshelf AI makes sense of your scribbled notes. Ask it to summarise or explain your handwritten notes.

Screenshots of Noteshelf 3

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The app's value is especially good as it is not subscription-based — a single payment permanently unlocks it.

The Cons of using Noteshelf 3

The one place where I was stuck with Noteshelf 3 was when I first switched to the iPhone. Trying to scroll to the next page in a notebook resulted in drawing on the screen. The solution was simple — use two fingers to drag. 

An on-screen overlay to show new users the differences between using the app on an iPad with a stylus and on the iPhone, where this is not possible, would help new or less confident users adapt.

I also wished for a button to go directly to the previously opened notebook. It isn't difficult to do this now, but a direct single tap would have been convenient when working across two notebooks in the app.

Neither of these suggestions takes away from the quality of the Noteshelf 3 as it stands.

More Information

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Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older

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Great for - Organisational and Productivity Skills

Benefits for Students

Generally, students will make notes in two situations: as they learn in lessons, lectures, and online courses and when preparing to write assignments or revision materials.

Noteshelf 3 excels in both of these areas. 

The electronic format makes tracking and organising lesson notes much easier for students. The many templates (more than 200) help inexperienced notetakers find a structure that suits their thinking processes.

The newly added AI features help overcome the challenge of a blank page. If students type a heading and see relevant notes populate the page, they can begin editing and adding immediately rather than losing time by wondering where to begin.

It also helps them convert their notes to match different circumstances. More extended notes are great for preparing an essay, but brief bullet points support last-minute refreshers before taking a test. It doesn't have to be notes they have made — they can ask Noteshelf AI to summarise text from a journal or book. Should students find the perfect article in a language they do not know, Noteshelf AI can translate it.

Benefits for Teachers

I've been using this app for nearly two weeks as part of this review. In this time, I have used it every time I would have previously used pen and paper, and I will not be going back. It proved both time-saving and increased the clarity and usefulness of my hastily written meeting notes.

Making notes is easier when you can quickly write, erase and highlight. But the other features provide real benefits. Taking notes on the iPad but still being able to access them on the iPhone through iCloud synchronisation is very convenient.

The AI functionality proved genuinely helpful. Turning a page of handwritten notes into typed action points let me turn my notes into a sharable document much more quickly than my previous workflow allowed.

Download Noteshelf 3

You can download Noteshelf 3 on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Download Noteshelf 3for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of the permissions asked for by Noteshelf 3 during this review was necessary to provide functionality for the user.

Final Verdict: Noteshelf 3 Review

It is easy to dismiss apps that try to replace an analogue process with a digital one as over-complicating things. If this is how you feel about notetaking, Noteshelf 3 could be the app that changes your mind.

The notetaking functionality is robust, and Noteshelf AI adds time-saving features. 

I found the app reliable, convenient, and a genuine boost to productivity. Our assessment rubric concurs, and Noteshelf 3 has easily achieved a five-star rating.

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