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  • age 16+

About NoteLedge

NoteLedge is a digital notebook for designers and creatives to quickly capture inspiration and organize everything in one place.

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NoteLedge Review

NoteLedge is the best note taking app for designers and creatives to make mood boards, digital arts and quick sketches.

What do we like about NoteLedge?

A selection of brushes made for designers can be used to produce stunning sketches and drawings. Using photographs and stickers, you may make collages and artwork. You can export your notes as PDFs with embedded multimedia. Slideshows are a fantastic tool for showcasing your work to clients or discussing ideas with coworkers.

What skills does it improve?

By streamlining your creative process, NoteLedge enables you to connect the dots and unleash your creativity in the adaptable workspace.

Is NoteLedge free?

NoteLedge is free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is NoteLedge easy to use?

Designers can use a range of brushes to sketch, outline, and draw quickly. Present work directly from a smart device or share PDF notes that have audio and video. Utilize multimedia tools effectively to share ideas with your team or clientele. The finest note-taking software is NoteLedge, which is great for creative endeavours like interior design, home décor, product design, fashion design, character design, and more.

How will students benefit?

With the help of NoteLedge's robust multimedia features, you may record ideas wherever they come to you. Save and find ideas on websites like Pinterest. To draw attention to the most crucial details, add notes and annotations. Organize everything and make mood boards to help you envision your ideas. Layers in NoteLedge can be used to organise material. 

Students can create some original projects using NoteLedge. Follow your inspiration and produce original works! To experiment with content and visualise your ideas, make mood boards or colleges. 

How will teachers benefit?

A digital notepad called NoteLedge offers strong multimedia tools for taking notes and presenting content directly from a smart device. It offers a flexible workspace for gathering data from many sources, integrating ideas, and expressing your incredible ideas. Create sketches, jot down ideas, add online clippings, and organise everything in one location while taking notes. With a media folder, you can organise and track reference sources right away. The greatest note-taking app for project planning, original thought, composing research papers, and documentation is NoteLedge.

What can NoteLedge improve on?

There is only one simple notebook cover included in the free app. Any additional covers must be purchased from the NoteLedge shop. This is a little problem, but it's not always fatal.

How much does NoteLedge cost?

NoteLedge costs $19.99. 

Final thoughts

Designers and content producers may use NoteLedge, a digital notebook, to jot down ideas, make mood boards, and jumpstart their creative processes. You have the ability to generate ideas and exercise creativity. NoteLedge can help you realise your ideas. 

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iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Download NoteLedge

You can download NoteLedge on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the NoteLedge app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can download NoteLedge on your Windows devices from the Windows Store.

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