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About Note Quest: Learn Piano Fast

Note Quest is a great app which helps people of all ages to learn and review or drill all the notes needed to become a competent piano or keyboard player. Through levelled sequences of fun and enjoyable piano practice ‘games’, the app helps the user to learn the notes of the keyboard quickly and successfully. The app is highly engaging and simple to use and although the graphics are more suited to a child user it would be extremely useful for anyone who is learning the piano. It could be used as an introduction to the notes of the keyboard, an aid for practice between lessons or for use by a piano teacher as a resource within lessons.

Note Quest: Learn Piano Fast Review

Note Quest is a very clever app as it makes learning the notes of the keyboard not only fun but motivational. From the outset, the user is engaged by the attractive and colourful interface. It is simple enough for children to use as the navigation around the home page is intuitive and highly visual. I used it with a young student and she was able to get started straight away, easily understanding what to do and having fun in the process! There is a level of personalisation here through a choice of background and the ability to create a user profile. No data is required so it is totally safe for children. It is possible to add additional users to the app however this is not an obvious feature and I only realised that other family members or students could join by clicking through to the ‘help’ section. Having it as a tool for multiple users is a big bonus and it saves their individualised stats too, helping them (or a parent or teacher) track progress for multiple users. It would be also be preferable to be able to choose from a range of different avatars, as the only profile character available has brown hair and glasses!

Once set up, a user can choose how they want to begin their piano practice, either by use of a ‘Virtual Piano’ or by using the app in conjunction with their ‘Real Piano’ in MIDI mode. The virtual piano is especially useful for those users who are out-and-about without access to their keyboard or piano. I found that the virtual piano worked a treat on a tablet but was trickier to use on a smart phone, as the keyboard function is very small and it is hard even for smaller fingers to tap.

Both piano options start with the basics of learning and practicing the Landmark Notes (I call these the Reference Notes) and it takes the user up through bass, treble and octave notes (although the virtual piano doesn’t work with the two higher levels). Each level provides very helpful guides to explain the process of using each section. It is an easy programme to use and provides a clear system for teaching the notes and follows best-practice piano teaching. However, I think that very young users might struggle with working out the notes using the steps and jumps and I would suggest that pre-Grade One pupils would find it easier to use it as part of a lesson or with explanation from a piano teacher.

Aspects of the app that were appreciated by me - as a teacher - and my student included: the use of intervals as well as steps and jumps; the ability to skip levels or go back at any point (this makes it more motivational and not at all daunting); the clear guidance notes on how to use each section with the ‘what’s included’ overlays being clear and easy to understand; the helpful ‘hints’ which provide a way to check on notes that are not quite remembered (although maybe a maximum number of hints per game would stop the urge to ask for too much help!); the stats section which is a very useful way to chart progress and the notifications option (weekly or daily) being a great addition, especially if a student needs motivation to practise or if piano practice gets forgotten or becomes something a parent has to nag a child to do!

Some ways in which the app could be made even better include: better functionality of the ‘back’ button – this insisted on taking us back to the home page each time rather that one step back; better sharing capability so that a parent or teacher can be updated of a student’s progress without having to access the app; not having to hold down the notes on MIDI mode for as long, as some of the notes had to be held for a slightly extended period of time before the app could recognise them - this was a bit annoying as the student thought she had got it wrong and therefore self-corrected, even though she got the notes correct first time.

One should be aware that the Real Piano should only be used in a quiet room. We noticed that, when played with some (general household) background noise, the ‘real’ piano didn’t pick up the notes at all.

That being said, overall Note Quest is a delightful app which is extremely useful for aiding note learning and practice. I will be using it with all my pupils and would highly recommend it for children and adults alike. It is certainly excellent value for money!

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