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About NOOK

NOOK is the official reader app for the ebooks of the same name. For those who haven't heard, NOOKs are devices similar to Amazon's Kindles. With this app, you can buy and read millions of books, magazines, and comics.

NOOK Review

NOOK's catalog includes over three million different publications, among which you can find more than a million free items, including books and magazines. In addition, you can buy single issues from any publication as well as subscribe to magazines or newspapers.

For the Amazon holdouts, the Barnes & Nobles ereader’s companion app will let you sync your reading experience to your smartphone or desktop so your books can come with you anywhere. It also now features a serial reading experience.

One of the app's biggest attractions is that you can sync your NOOK with your Android, so you can start reading a book on your NOOK and finish reading it on your mobile phone or tablet. All content can be synced: last page, bookmarks, notes.

NOOK is a fantastic alternative for all those who love to read and own a NOOK device, although its catalog (with over a million free books, comics, newspapers, and magazines) might well make it interesting even for those who don't own one.


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You can download NOOK on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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