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Noisy Frog Sing-Along

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A great app that will keep both children and adults captivated. Learn the sounds that frogs make, learn the different species and get closer to nature. A wonderful extracurricular app that deserves an EAS 5 Star Certification and EAS Recommended Status.

Teacher Review

As soon as we saw this app we fell in love with it. It appeals to both young and old kids as well as adults. You won’t be able to help yourself as you mimic the sounds of the different types of frogs.  The app is great because it brings you closer to nature. In a world where kids can be so desensitized from nature and where it is easy to become obsessed with technology, this app is refreshing as it brings to life the different varieties of frogs that live in different habitats. .

Literacy, Biology, Physics,  Geography and Art subjects have been beautifully interwoven to create an engaging app that will enthral children and adults. You can have the option of reading to yourself or, the narrator can read and the words are highlighted as you progress. Although it is not explicit within the app, children will learn onomatopoeia as the words that describe the sounds of the frogs are written out so that it is easier to remember their names. The depiction of the sound waves is scientifically accurate and helps to bring about the idea that sound occurs in the form of sound waves. This develops the association between the sound that each frog makes and the frogs themselves.

At the end of the descriptions of each frog, you can play a “Matching Game” in order to identify whether you are able to recognise the sound of each frog with the illustration of the frog itself. We found this part extremely entertaining as it was a real challenge to match them up! You really have to tune in your eyes... musical types will love to challenge their listening skills.

The quality of the illustrations are very high. The illustrator has made a work of art that children and adults can value. We also enjoyed reading the introductions and descriptions of each of the members of the team who made the app as you can tell that it is being directed at children. It is very well done because it demonstrates the value of team work and the need to collaborate in order to make things!

Overall, this is an app that aims to develop reading and listening skills. However, due to the subject matter and the way that the app is presented, it is an app that also incites curiosity for nature and the world around us.  The app is wonderful and we hope that many parents and teachers will sit with their children and students with this app and then take them outside to listen out for the different types of frogs. 

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Developer Description

Frogs are COOL. They are also LOUD. And each kind of frog has a unique sound. Can you imitate the call of a green frog? A bullfrog? A tree frog? An American toad? Spring peepers go PEEP. Pickerel frogs go ROOOWL. Mink frogs go CUK-CUK. Spadefoot toads go WAAH. The Noisy Frog Game challenges you to learn frog sounds and match their sound waves with the correct species. After playing the game you will love them all!
This app is both entertaining and highly educational, perfect for the kid who is fascinated by nature and wants to know more. Did you know that frogs “sing” without ever opening their mouths? This app also introduces children to sound waves and the science of sound.
This app expands upon the book “Noisy Frog Sing-Along” written and illustrated by a frog expert, John Himmelman. Noisy Frog Sing-Along is a wonderful introduction to the noisy, busy world of frogs and toads. Plus it’s a perfect way for the whole family to have fun by listening to frogs, imitating them, and identifying them.
* Play the game at the end by matching each frog’s sound (and sound wave) with the correct species--watch what happens if you choose the wrong frog!
* Extreme close-up artwork is scientifically accurate.
* Choose between “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself.”
* Touch the frogs or jiggle the screen to watch them fill their big, bulgy throat pouches with air to produce sounds!
* Hear actual recorded frog and toad sounds.
* Have fun with onomatopoeia – sing along with the author as he imitates the sounds.
* Includes interesting extra information about each featured species.
* All information is scientifically accurate. The author is an expert on amphibians.

REVIEWS (book)
By Susan Heim, editor of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” -- John Himmelman’s previous publication was Noisy Bug Sing-Along, and now kids can sing along to the music of frogs! Only male frogs sing, but boys and girls both will love to peep like a Peeper Frog, plunk like a Green Frog, and growl like a Pickerel Frog! Information at the end of the book introduces readers to many more species of frogs, along with activities, such as looking for tadpoles and getting frogs to eat out of their hand. Kids will have fun doing their best frog imitations while learning about the wonderful qualities of frogs.
By James Cox, Midwest Book Review -- "Noisy Frog Sing-Along" uses imaginative text and beautifully accurate color illustrations to showcase the singing styles and appearance of members of 12 frog species. Appealing to children ages 4-9, "Noisy Frog Sing-Along" encourages children to imitate the different sounds made by frogs, from "peep-peep-peep" of the peepers to "jug-o-rum, jug-o-rum" of the bullfrogs. Only the dark, lovely blue and yellow spotted salamander does not sing, because he has no throat pouch. After 12 stunning portraits of different species accompanied by their distinctive sounds, a final page sums up all the frog songs together in amazing rainbow text, a cacophony of frogs! A few final pages include individual descriptions of the 12 species described, plus suggested related activities. "Noisy Frog Sing-Along" is a wonderful opportunity to encourage children to imitate different sounds and learn about frogs and nature.
Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth.

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