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Noa Magic Pond

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 2+

About Noa Magic Pond

A charming story book app.

Teacher Review

Despite the fact that the past few years seem to have seen a veritable explosion of interactive story book apps becoming available, the odd few exist that really stand out from the competition and provide truly original and creative presentation and experience to the children using them. This app is one of these.
The story itself centres on the very likely character Noa, who is enjoying some quiet time by the pond one day when she becomes involved in a very gentle adventure involving the lilies in the pond and some magical bubbles. The words and narration within the app are available in either English or Dutch. Each page of the story is rendered in a consistent style, including high quality graphics that will really appeal to young children, and equally well produced sound effects, voice over and background soundtrack. Every page also has a selection of interactive “hotspots” to make use of, and this is one area where the app has been particularly thoughtfully designed. Each page has a small logo in the corner, which can be pressed to show briefly where all the potential hotspots are hidden. This allows children to really explore every aspect of the story book. On some pages, where the child has to investigate a particular interaction in order to move the story on, a visual hint will appear to give them some extra help if required. It is very easy to use throughout, even for very young children.
Use of the app does not end when you get to the end of the story, as it is also furnished with a thoughtful and creative arts and crafts section at the end. This provides four very simple little activities that complement the themes in the story that has come before. Firsty, a fingerprint frog, which can be created simply with green paint, paper and a pencil. Next up is an activity to make a picture of magic bubbles, using paint, a balloon and paper. Thirdly, a simple bottle full of magic bubbles using oil, water and food colouring. Lastly, a slightly more involved activity to make a fish out of an old sock - this requires a few more materials and a little more time to set up. Each of the activities is very simply and visually explained using instructions that are completely in keeping with the style of the story itself.
Overall, this is a wonderfully imaginative and really nicely thought out app. Although it does not have a huge amount of content to play with, the story and style of the app, along with the suggestions for art and craft activities included, could provide a useful springboard for further creativity and imaginative work.
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Hanneke van der Meer

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A new, imaginative app, made by the winners of the ‘Dutch Media Toddler Award 2014 and 2015.

Summer has come. Noa lies on the edge of the pond. Suddenly, there are bright, coloured bubbels coming out of the water. What are they? Can someone tell Noa why they are there? Maybe the big, green frog that floats in the pond can! ‘Noa Magic Pond’ is a sweet, interactive story about a little mystery and a big friendship. While reading, you find out where the coloured bubbles come from and what they do. Little readers are able to help Noa and Frog out, by tapping elements on the pages during the story. Noa Magic Pond’ is a suiting picture book, made by Somoiso (winner of the Media Toddler Award twice), written and illustrated by Hanneke van der Meer.

This app is suited for children aged 3 years and up. A fantastic story to be read by children or together with their parents.
Read the story? There’s also a song to sing along and pages with arts and crafts ideas!


• animation and audio-effects on all pages
• arts and craft pages
• read by professional actors
• new music score with Noa's own theme
• intuitive help function
• languages: Dutch, English
• parents page
chapter menu
• song at the end of the story

Somoiso’s apps apply to the guidelines for children’s apps:
• no in-app purchases
• no commercials
• no social media-links (only in the parent portal)
• our apps don’t collect personal information

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