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About Niskoo: Reading and Spelling

NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING is an app aimed at younger children helping them to not only learn more about the world around them through increasing their vocabulary but also to help them learn how to read and spell through phonics practice.

The app contains a number of scenarios based in the real world through cartoon like pictures. The user works their way through the pictures selecting an item and then hearing how it is spoken. If the user selects the option of just the vocabulary mode then they will be able to work their way through the picture hearing all the words and extending their vocabulary. As this is an app that is aimed at the younger end of the market there are lots of possibilities as to how this could really help young children learn new words and about the world around them. However, the next mode that they could select, which in my opinion is where the app excels, is the spelling mode.

The spelling mode allows the user to work through the same scenario pictures but instead of just hearing the word spoken aloud the user is then prompted to try and spell the word. The way the app does this is to break down the word into the different phonic sounds (phonetically) and challenges the user to select the correct sounds and drag them into the centre of the screen in the correct order to spell the word. Not only are the correct sounds given around the edge but these are interspersed with incorrect sounds meaning that the user needs to listen and know the correct sounds rather than just being to guess. To support the user with this the app reads out the sounds once clicked helping for the correct order to be selected.

As the developer points out, the app is led by the user and their interests meaning that there is a large element of learning through play and enjoyment. The app can be used by a child on their own but also with a parent helping to guide them and enjoying the discovery of learning element in the app too. 

Niskoo: Reading and Spelling Review

What is Niskoo: Reading and Spelling app?

NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING is an app that contains a wide range of picture based scenarios such as a bathroom, a farm yard and a forest scene. Split into two different modes the user can either work through the pictures learning about the words in the pictures and extending the vocab or they can choose to play the spelling mode. The spelling mode works through the same pictures and items but then also challenges the user to spell the word by giving the phonetically broken down sounds and asking the user to build these sounds back up again by dragging them in the right order.

What we love about Niskoo: Reading and Spelling

There are a number of really good things about the app. I really like that it has two different modes available for the user which can be used at different learning levels of for different reasons. There is also a lot of scope within this for lots of different ways to access the learning which can also be personalised to the user.

What skills does it improve?

Niskoo: Reading and Spelling aims to improve and widen the users range of vocabulary but also their understanding and mastery of the English language and specifically their abilities of being able to spell words correctly through the word being broken down phonetically and then build back up again by the user.

What age is it appropriate for?

NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING app I would suggest is aimed at users at the lower age range. The app is around helping children with their phonics and extending their vocab so for this reason it is more likely that younger children will be accessing it around the 3-5 age range.


For the user the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access an app that will build their range of vocabulary in the English language. It will allow them to learn their phonics sounds and help them on their journey to becoming confident readers and spellers.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from students working their way through the app and widening their vocabulary and knowledge of the English language. It will also allow teachers to personalise learning with the different modes that are available to access in the app.

How will parents benefit?

There are many benefits for parents which are very similar to that of teachers. They will know that their child is taking a small amount of time a day (if used on a daily basis) to learn new words and to also work with them on their phonics sounds, helping them to become more confident readers and spellers.


There is actually very little in the design of the app that would make me think that it needed to changed or improved upon. However, I do think having some type of monitoring of progress in the app would be really beneficial for users.


NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING cost £3.49 to download What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is no free version of the app


NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the website and app

NISKOO: READING AND SPELLING website and app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the learning within it.

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