Nini learns to count in Spanish

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About Nini learns to count in Spanish

An interactive and bi-lingual (choice between Spanish and English) e-storybook, which tells the story of Niní as he tries to find his friend, Pepo. The app blends an audio-visual storybook with interactive, educational elements, where users will become more familiar with the numbers 1 - 10.

Nini learns to count in Spanish Review

Tangible Fun has produced a clever and progressive app that brings Spanish and English numbers 1-10 within the reach of a huge variety of users.  As an app, it will appeal to the Primary-school-aged market wishing to learn numbers 1-10 in their own language, not only those with polyglot aspirations.  However, the relaxed, interactive and welcoming aspects of this software mean that it will appeal to any reader with an interest in learning basic numbers.  This bi-lingual app – either Spanish or English – is a great way to introduce any child to a second language and watch as they interact with basic numbers in a natural and intuitive way.  The Spanish and English are presented in story form, which uses different tones and expressions so that learners can interact naturally with the language. The language is limited to the numbers 1-10 in its outcome, yet the story also serves to introduce other elements of vocabulary and structures in accessible and familiar way.

The opening sequence allows you to choose between Spanish or English storylines – with the entire running of the app being in the designated language.  The story is complemented with pleasing background music which will only help to keep children engaged, focussed and wanting to work more and more on this app. The app is specifically aimed at younger learners, with the visual stimulus being provided by beautiful and interactive cartoon images, which help to reinforce the aim of the story – i.e. to learn numbers 1 - 10.  Learners are introduced and reintroduced to the key vocabulary in a way that is accessible and enjoyable – there is a genuine pleasure in learning that is apparent.  Furthermore, thanks to the app’s website there are free, printable resources that will enhance the story even more and provide additional and fun challenges for the reader.  Each element of vocabulary is introduced in its own contextualised way and slots nicely into the story as a whole, so users will not be subjected to monotonous and repetitive activities.  The app places Spanish and English vocabulary within comfortable reach of those who use the app and the creativity and ‘playfulness’ of its design mean that to do so is far from being onerous.

Additional features built into the story itself include the option to silence the background music and, more significantly, to record your own audio as the story plays out.  This instantly transforms the story into a form of video book with the reader’s own voice or that of a parent, for example, recounting what is happening.  A potential downside, however, is that the app offers no way for you to check and ensure that your pronunciation is correct, if Spanish or English is not the speaker’s forté.  Yet, this added extra is just one more way in which the story can be brought to life –and from a pedagogical perspective serves to reinforce spoken competences.

Overall, it is an extremely well-presented app with lots of engaging features that will not only educate but also keep any child engaged as he or she progresses through the story. It uses simplicity and playful repetition to reinforce the Spanish language and the wholesome nature of the app and the printable worksheets found on the website will allow children to grow in confidence and self-esteem as they take their first multilingual steps. 

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