Nighty Night Circus

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About Nighty Night Circus

Nighty Night Circus is a fun, interactive bedtime app with animations of over 20 animals. Nighty Night Circus is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Nighty Night Circus Review

Nighty Night Circus is a follow-up to Nighty Night, one of our favourite bedtime reading apps, and it builds on the previous book's strengths while introducing some new, original elements. Graphics are vivid and detailed, much like in the first book app. Watching the scenes transform as the light is turned off is entertaining. Though this book app is noteworthy for its animations. They can be funny, cute, and even unexpected at times.

What do we like about Nighty Night Circus?

In the opening scene of Nighty Night Circus, an elephant's trumpeting wakes up a small owl who is about to fall asleep on a tree branch. Following the sound, the owl finds a circus trailer hidden in a forest with its lights still on. By turning off their lights, the reader is asked to assist the narrator in putting the animals to rest. Seven different places can be found.

What skills does it improve?

You may update the Nighty Night Circus app to add all the newest features and highlights. In this context, we should note that the designs and animations are quite spectacular.

What age is it appropriate for?

In comparison to the Night Night crowd, Nighty Night Circus is a tad older. The lion and the bear snarl at you before acting foolishly since you are putting wild animals to bed. Preschoolers are the best candidates for this book because toddlers could be scared by this conduct.

Is Nighty Night Circus free?

Nighty Night Circus has subscription plans to access and is available on all devices. 

Is Nighty Night Circus easy to use?

Children may relax and quiet their overactive senses at Nighty Night Circus in a vibrant circus environment. By just blowing out the candles, you can put these amiable and adorable creatures to sleep. The wonderful location and unique night time ambience of Nighty Night Circus are full of animations and colours.

How will students benefit?

These circus animals make bedtime a rite that youngsters can skip since they amuse themselves by doing various acts. The narration is wonderful—soft and joyful—and it appeals to children's natural disposition. Additionally, soothing lullaby music is provided as a background soundtrack to give children the ideal sleeping environment. Children are placed in a circus atmosphere with 8 circus animals that they can put to bed by extinguishing candles or turning out the lights.

Before going to bed, each circus animal wants to demonstrate to the child his or her many tricks. The ideal app for a daily bedtime habit, Nighty Night Circus features adorable animals, soothing lullaby music, and excellent storytelling.

How will parents benefit?

You probably want your children to switch off their hyperactive state and go to sleep at night because they are the life of the household during the day. You should attempt the most well-known bedtime app of all time, Nighty Night Circus, as it is tough to get children to fall asleep quickly.

What can Nighty Night Circus improve on?

Even so, this programme is fantastic, and all you need to understand about it are its many uses and controls.

How much does Nighty Night Circus cost?

Nighty Night Circus cost $3.99.

Final thoughts

Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger creates stunning patterns and animations. fantastic animations and visuals. As many as 11 interactive creatures, including lions, elephants, seals, fleas, rabbits, snakes, owls, monkeys, pigs, and fish. Autoplay-mode. English (UK and US), German, Swiss, and other 6 languages with narration French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are among the other languages.

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