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Nighty Night - Bedtime story

  • Android, iPad
  • Free
  • age 2+

About Nighty Night - Bedtime story

Nighty Night is one of our favourite apps for young children. The app is a bedtime story for toddlers that shows a number of farm animals going to sleep. The appeal of Nighty Night! is in the beautiful illustrations and the soothing tone of the narrator, the simple storyline and all the unexpected things animals do as they fall asleep.

Teacher Review

Reading this book at night is such a relaxing ritual that it has become the favorite 'last book' in our house. This bedtime book begins with chiming music that captures the 'music-box' sound perfectly. The narration is also delightful, with night-time cricket sounds in the background. The app even features charming paper-cutout illustrations. The brief storyline is so sweet that this ebook is nearly perfect. It only lacks a text story.

Overall this is my new top recommendation for bedtime books with interactivity. On auto-play it is even timed just right, so you can play with the animals briefly without over-doing it.

Expressive Language Skill

This goal is appropriate for very young children or for children who do not use words yet (or use just a couple of words). Model the sound of the animal they are looking at (e.g., “moo moo”, “baa baa”) and pause to provide the opportunity to copy you back.

Receptive Language Skill

One of the most common goals speech-language pathologists work оn is encouraging children to follow verbal directions. In order to follow a simple direction, the child needs to be able to: maintain attention to people and language, process information, and complete tasks.

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Android, iPad


Communication Skills
Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Fox & Sheep

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  • Nighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime storyNighty Night - Bedtime story

Publisher's Description

"Nighty Night!" is the perfect App for a daily bedtime ritual with sweet music and elegant narration.

Watching all the animals go to sleep is a lovely way to set the mood for bedtime. The interactive bedtime "Nighty Night" is brought to you from Oscar-Nominee Heidi Wittlinger (2002, best animated short) who put a lot of passion and effort in constructing little sets made of paper and combining them with 2D illustration and animation.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.

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