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Next requires your complete and utter attention. All you have to do is tap numbers in their correct order as quickly as you can. The difficulty is that the numbers are spread out across a complicated and completely random grid. The game includes two modes, with one requiring you to find all of the numbers at your own pace and the other having you race against the clock. Both allow you to utilize power-ups in case you find yourself stuck.

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Human brain is like a muscle that should be trained a lot to function properly. Surely, everyday life is a game in itself, but haven’t you ever wished you could find things a little faster or concentrate on one task for a little longer? This app is a great tool just for that. With just a few minutes a day practice you will be able to improve areas of brain activity without even noticing it. We have also built in personal stats so you can keep track of your progress.

"[For] those folks like myself who aren't into RPGs or side-scrollers, but instead love a good brain-teaser." - Steven Sande, TUAW

How to play:

Tap numbers in order, one by one, as fast as you can.

Choose one of two options:

Blitz - the game ends in 60 seconds, your result is how many numbers you’ve managed to find.
Zen - you have unlimited time to find all the numbers, your result is your time.

Implement your own strategy:

- Train reaction by speeding up decisions you made - try to decide without actual thinking about it.
- Train selective attention by looking at whole field searching for a number.
- Train memory by remembering where is the next number you need to tap.
- Train speed and concentration by trying to beat the records you made.

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