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About Newzik: Sheet Music Reader

Newzik: Sheet Music Reader is an in-depth app that allows users to utilise the app by reading the scores, and following them digitally, without the need for printouts or multiple pages, at its most simplest form. However, there is much more depth than this. Newzik allows you a wide array of features, such as accessing your scores from any device, scanning in your music to play from your paper scores onto your device, and play and perform on stage using your iPads. It automatically turns the pages for you, and you can make adjustments to the music by adding in annotations, changing the tempo, playing alongside the metronome, and even creating your own backing track. 

The app also allows you to record yourself and add in your own notes such as audio video, MIDI track and YouTube links, to develop your rehearsal skills and performance skills. Whilst this is suitable for age 4, the main suitability is based on the ability and skills of the player intended. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, and iPod Touch, and requires iOS 12.0 or later. It does not have an Android version.

The app is free to download and provides you with one free scores automatically, and allows 15 scores in your library under the free version. 

It does not have in app purchases, but there is an option for a subscription service with unlimited scores, projects, and 100 LiveScores per month. There are also versions for education, ensembles and publishers. There are no adverts within the app. It develops skills in performance, building repertoire, and allows solo instruments to play alongside an accompaniment that can easily be personalised to their skill set. It has wide ranging collaboration features to allow for practicing with others and annotating scores that can be shared.

Newzik: Sheet Music Reader Review

What we love about Newzik: Sheet Music Reader

What I love about the Newzik: Sheet Music Reader app, is the opportunity of building the performer’s repertoire through a very wide array of pieces. Not only this, but it allows freedom and independence to adapt these pieces to suit your needs, by altering the tempo, recording your performance to listen back and critique, annotating the scores with alterations, providing a metronome, audio of originals or accompaniments, scores with or without accompaniment, and even the simplest of additions that still look so clean and neatly added such as a tuning fork and a metronome. The real strength of this app is the ability to collaborate with others and share your annotations and scores so that you can practice together or apart. It is personalised for each learner that wishes to access different music without having to purchase books. However, if you like to have your work on a paper format, this can also then be printed via a pdf function. Another real strength is the ability to scan music in to the app. This is ideal for students and performers 11-18 or older, who are building their repertoire skills to a higher level. The app is incredibly complex, adding in different features such as pedals, transposition, set lists and projects.

Is Newzik: Sheet Music Reader easy to use?

Newzik: Sheet Music Reader App is easy to use at a basic level, by choosing scores, annotating, rehearsing and performing with them. However, there are so many features within the app that the design becomes quite complex. There are so many different menus and options, that it can become a little confusing. However, there are lots of tutorials, help and support, as well as some very useful tutorial videos on YouTube, that will help you to understand the more complex features of the app. It does have a very clear font and the music is easy to read, which certainly helps to use the key parts of the app.

Students benefit through a developed repertoire of music and a more successful opportunity of building their array of music, which can often be hindered by a lack of ability to locate scores, or play alongside an accompaniment, which is often something that musicians get little opportunity of doing. Teachers benefit from this greatly, as it offers the support and differentiation required for some students on a more complex level, allowing teachers to be more effective in their delivery without having to create the resources themselves, and students to become more independent. As this app is available on the iPhone and iPad, this also allows students to access their work at home, and communicate easily with the teacher at the next lesson in regards to their progress. It also has so many collaborative features that it makes it far easier to share work and performance pieces.

What can Newzik: Sheet Music Reader App improve on?

Newzik: Sheet Music Reader App could improve on the design of their app. There are so many features, which are incredibly helpful for certain people. However, not everything is needed, by everyone. I would suggest that an app designer could look at what is required for a more basic learner, in comparison to a professional musician, and allow the app to develop and add more features, menus and options,

as the user grows and develops alongside the app. At the moment, there are too many features that it can then be overwhelming, and the design is not so user friendly or attractive as other similar apps. That said, the collaborative features are outstanding and make this a stand-out app.

I would also suggest an option of in-app purchases. Either free, or a monthly subscription, doesn’t allow for the one-off users or younger learners who do not require a monthly subscription, but would appreciate being able to download specific pieces as in-app purchases. It is also more likely to engage the more spontaneous buyer and therefore should create more income for the app.

How much does Newzik: Sheet Music Reader App cost?

The app is free, and provides a free piece of sheet music, and up to 15 scores in the library. There is also a subscription service which is 29.99 Euros per year, which is a reasonable cost to a professional musician who would use this regularly, especially as it reduces the purchases of multiple books and pieces of music.

Is Newzik: Sheet Music Reader App safe to use? What is the overall rating?

The app is very safe to use. I would rate the app as 5 stars out of 5, as it does exactly what it states, and has excellent design and focus. 

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