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About News-O-Matic EDU

News-O-Matic is a an interactive daily newspaper for elementary and middle school students. This app is a combination of interactive technology and games along with exciting news articles and creativity. The content within this software is engaging, plentiful and child safe. News-O-Matic is a subscription based service and is available via iOS, Android and Kindle Fire apps. The application is free from in-app adverts and in app purchases and the content supports various languages. 

Teacher Review

News-O-Matic delivers 5 current event news articles covering a variety of topics to students every day. News-O-Matic offer stories of interest to kids and make serious events more digestible. Each day teachers get a guide via email that has discussion questions, assessment questions correlated to Common Core State Standards, and more.

It is noted that for the user to engage in the content fully a user account is required especially for teachers who wish to access the Teachers Dashboard. 

Once the user has logged in to News-O-Matic, you are treated to a wonderful array of headlines, graphics, videos and much more. The layout is very easy to navigate on both mobile and tablet devices, however, we recommend using a tablet for the best experience. 

The ‘Home Dashboard’ displays a number of up to date articles from a range of topical subjects. There are also buttons with features such as the ‘User profile’, ‘Games’, ‘News room’ and ‘Information’ on how to use the application.

Once an article has been chosen, News-O-Matic continues to support the user with their literacy skills. This includes keywords identified in blue that are described by the application as well as a ‘Read to me’ feature. This is ideal for younger readers and for those who wish to improve their literacy skills.

Alongside the article there are a number of key features that can be accessed. Some of these include:

‘Let’s Go’ – An interactive map showing where the article originated from in comparison to where the current user is situated.

‘Opinion’ – The latest opinion poll related to the article.

‘Fact/Act’ – Keys facts about the subject.

‘Slide Show – Fantastic, colourful slides about the subject.

‘Video – Great video content supporting the article.

‘Language – The user can choose their preferred language from English, Spanish, French or Arabic.

‘Read to Me’ – The article is read out aloud to the user.

‘Ask Russ’ – The user can submit questions to the newsroom.

‘Draw it’ – Drawings and Doodles that can be saved to the user’s profile.

‘Questions’ – This provides questions about the article and could be used by teachers as an informative comprehension exercise for students.

There are also a number of ways in which the student can Mark up the article. Highlighting text, printing and sharing are all valuable options within the articles features. The articles within News-O-Matic are beautifully presented and very well written. We would like to see more comprehension questions and maybe a variety of differentiation.

Returning to the ‘Home screen’ the ‘Games’ feature includes variety of puzzles such as jigsaws, ‘Mystery Words’ and ‘Guess what happened’ a time line quiz based on famous events. Once again these features are very engaging and great fun to play.

The ‘Newsroom’ option is a great idea. Here the user can submit questions to the editor and see other questions displayed in the text stream.

The Teacher dashboard can also be accessed via the ‘Home screen’.  This is a valuable tool for teachers where they can add classes, monitor student behaviour such as articles read and questions answered and much more. This is a valuable tool that can empower the teacher within the classroom.

News-O-Matic gives great value for money and we love the fact that the articles are so current and targeted sensitively towards the correct audience. News-O-Matic is very child friendly and could be used within the classroom by teachers who are delivering subjects such as Personal and Social Health, Citizenship, English and Media or being used within tutor time as an everyday reading task. We love the fact that the articles are available in many languages and that the app really focuses on quality content that not only will inspire the reader to read more but also discover a selection of new words. News-O-Matic EDU comes highly recommended by the

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Publisher's Description

News-O-Matic has emerged as a state of the art app that will change the way kids interact with broadcast news. News-O-Matic is a nice way to introduce topical events and world news in the classroom. 

Whether your students enjoy reading about sports, science, world news, or wacky events, News-O-Matic delivers what’s making the news! Our mission is to make learning more engaging, active, and personal. 

This nonfiction reading comprehension app publishes five news stories each weekday! The stories range in length and difficulty to create opportunities for differentiated instruction. Readers learn what happened on this date in history through an educational game and write or draw to Editor-in-Chief Russ in the News Room. Each edition gives you access to a Teacher’s Guide. 

Each daily edition features:
* Five dynamic news articles 
* Rich and detailed images, videos, and illustrations
* Informative maps relating the user to the location of every story
* News Room for drawing or asking questions about the news
* An interactive history-based timeline
* Puzzles, games, fun facts, and many other elements for discovery 
* Audio support for challenging vocabulary and full stories read aloud
* Multiple Lexile reading levels
* Custom assessment questions
* Multilingual articles (English, Spanish & French)
* Multilingual Read to Me (English, Spanish & French)
* Save or print articles
* Highlight text
* Citations
* Access to 10 past editions

News-O-Matic is 100% ad-free.

Written by experienced journalists and educators, News-O-Matic is used in schools around the world! All articles are reviewed by a child psychologist before publication to ensure emotionally safe content. 

The News-O-Matic Teacher’s Guide includes questions related to the text and suggested discussion prompts. It provides ideas and activities to serve as a springboard to enrich learning. 

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